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Review: H&R Camber Bolts

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  • Review: H&R Camber Bolts

    1. In the box: This was not really a box, more of a packet within a packet. All sealed, all nice and functional. Got it through Amazon prime so it didn't take more than 2 days to arrive. This'll be brief as no issues were found here.
    Packaging: 10/10.
    Contents as described: 10/10

    2. First impressions: At first I thought that these might not fit as they were too long and too wide to my eye, however upon installation all of those worries were cleared. The bolts are solid, but there are no markings to tell you whether you're putting it in in the right direction. However, if you're going for more than -1 camber, you don't really need the markings and I'll explain why in a bit. Overall there are no issues here either.
    Quality of parts: 10/10

    3. Installation: This is where it's a whole different experience compared to the stock bolts. In order to adjust the stock bolts it's literally a matter of taking it out, putting it in the other way and tightening it. The is a bit more tricky, as it requires you to prop the assembly. In order to get the installation right I was using an Amazon camber meter thing that cost 20 bucks. In order to adjust it, I set it up so while the stock camber bolt is pointing inwards, the bubble hovers around -1.0. When the bolt points outward, the bubble naturally moved closer to -2.0 (-1.8 ish to be more precise).

    NOTE: Before you all go into a debacle as to how this is not an accurate way to measure camber, I would like to clarify that the tool was used simply as a reference as to how much the camber changed (edited 3/3/14, scroll down for more info)
    Pointing inward- around -1.0 (later adjusted more)

    Pointing outward- around -1.8 (not adjusted to -1.8 but rather what happens after the bolt is flipped while it sits as it was adjusted when the bolt was pointing inward).

    Comparing the two bolts:

    After the camber measurement tool thing was calibrated I started installing the H&R camber bolt and immediately ran into a problem. The camber bolt wouldn't go past -1.0 degrees no matter what I tried. I took it out, put it back in and kept on adjusting it and it kept hovering between 0 and -1. I started thinking of ways to return the bolts and then I figured, why not push up on the assembly? The moment I did, the camber measure tool shot to -3 degrees, and I realized I'll need something to prop it up I propped it with my jack. I set it to around -2.5 degrees of camber and tightened it.

    Once that was done, I put the wheel back on, did the same on the other side and viola. I will be getting a laser camber sometime this or next weekend, which will also allow me to test the reliability of the 20 dollar camber measurement tool.
    Fitment: 8/10
    Ease of installation: 7/10

    4. Performance: (edited 3/4/14)
    Took it to an alignment shop, pretty damn shocked at the accuracy of the bubble adjustment. Here are the results

    The bolts did their job and gave me the camber I was looking for. These are definitely a good option for anybody looking into increasing their camber (for function rather than form). No complaints here, thus it receives a 10/10

    5. Bang for the buck: The camber bolt, although tricky to figure out at first, did the job as it should in terms of providing that extra camber that you may be looking for. Other than extra camber, it even provided more positive camber, and while I wasn't looking for anymore positive camber, it's nice to know that it is able to do it. The quality is solid, yet I see no reason to charge these at more than 45 bucks shipped.
    Value: 7/10

    Total: 9.2/10

    Like the bolt, price was a tad bit on the high side and the install was just a bit tricky but eventually I got the hang of it. Yes, I will be getting professional alignment shortly. If anything is wrong here, let me know politely.

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    Are these just for the Evo X?


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      Originally posted by ucfbrett View Post
      Are these just for the Evo X?
      STM Has them for CT9A as well