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1990 Escort World Challenge Miata up for auction

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  • 1990 Escort World Challenge Miata up for auction

    1990 scca Escort World Challenge RMM Miata | eBay

    If the seller is to be believed (and we have no reason not to), this is one of two factory supported Escort World Challenge cars built and raced by Rod Millen Motorsports in 1990 to promote the just-released Miata. Check it out. Pretty cool story.

    Click image for larger version

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    very cool car, but 35k?.... ouch, history is expensive!


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      And where would you race it?


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        Originally posted by ucfbrett View Post
        And where would you race it?
        Speed Ventures Cup!!

        Seriously though, SVRA looks to have "exhibition" classes for newer cars but that's just a couple events a year. Yea, this would be an expensive show car.


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          A 3 GALLON Accusump? I wouldn't want to be behind that car when the electric valve opens!


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            Besides not being anywhere near their original spec, a generic '90 Spec Miata qualifies for SVRA and VARA that can be found for about 1/4 what they are asking. Shame really. Cool car. I worked there in the 91-92 when these cars were gathering dust in the corner of the shop already.

            Aside from their cost I never understood why people race them.
            But obviously I just dont get it. -fatbillybob


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              This is odd. I never heard of a Miata being raced in a regular vintage racing class so I'm curious which vintage class he's actually racing in.

              I've raced my '95 Spec Miata in VARA's (SoCal vintage racing org) "Club Racer" class which is a "catch-all" class for non-vintage race cars that want to participate in vintage racing. I'm competing with BMW E30 M3s and Porsche 911s, haha. But my car is too new for vintage racing. The cut-off year for most vintage groups is typically in the 1970s (varies by organization).

              Having said that, this looks like a real sweet Miata.