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    After watching it again and thinking about it I think you're right Richard.. and I was in a hurry when I posted it And didn't elaborate but my intention was to start some discussion about durability/safety/serviceability.. I want off because I didn't brake enough and had more speed than I knew what to do with..


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      slodrew -

      Turn 1 at WSIR is very nearly the enigma that Turn 9 is. I have easily 7,000 plus laps on WSIR. Everytime I go through Turn 1, I think, "I could have gone faster." Same for Turn 9, but the stakes are higher. Go out and go faster at the "Fastest Road in the West."
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      2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR 6-MT - when I need a backseat, 4-doors, or a real trunk, and still want to haul ass . . .


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        It's scary to go off anywhere at WSIR.. especially when you're driving the car almost 200 miles to get there and you're hoping to be driving it home..