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2001 Z06 vs 2002-2004 Z06?

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  • 2001 Z06 vs 2002-2004 Z06?

    I'm hoping to tap into the vast collective brain trust here at Track HQ regarding the mighty C5 Z06 Corvette.

    I'm thinking about picking one of these up since C5 Z06 prices have come down to semi-reasonable levels (for a working stiff like me )

    I see some relatively low-mileage, attractively-priced 2001 Z06's on the market and I'm wondering if it's really worth the extra cost to get a later year C5 Z06. My research indicates that the 2003-2004 years were probably best ones since they had most of the bugs worked out and have about 20-40 more hp (depending on who you believe) than the 2001 Z06.

    For a fun second car/casual street-legal track car (I'd keep it mostly stock except for brake cooling ducts and anything else required to make it reliable on track), would I be missing much by not waiting for a good 2003-2004 Z06 to come along? Would I be missing much by not having the HUD that's on the later years? I don't plan on turning it into a race car. I just want something fun and reliable and that can hold its own on the track.

    Thanks in advance for any info.

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    What prices are you seeing for each? There's a 2002 C5Z for sale in Norcal for $20k. Has C6Z brakes all around and racing seats/harnesses. Better beat me to it because it's starting to call my name. I'd have to get a really good deal on an 01 to buy one. The 01 with headers/exhaust will pretty much equalize with the later models iirc. Another option is just a base C5 for dirt cheap. I was surprised nobody mentioned the C5 in the other thread since it's just as cheap as most of those FWD econoboxes and 10x better at the track... Hmmm, yaris or vette? Tough call.

    2002 black Z06 FS 57k in CA - Corvette Forum
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      Originally posted by MikeColangelo View Post
      I don't plan on turning it into a race car.
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        The c5z in my link sold today. I didn't buy it...
        99 C5 corvette SCCA GT2
        99 Supermiata "Super"