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Aftermarket differential covers

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  • Aftermarket differential covers

    I can speak only for myself, but half the reason I installed the PPE cover on my 2500 is the drain plug, which makes fluid changes much easier. Banks has been doing testing on them, and developed a prototype, but it doesn't seem like the Banks prototype has a drain plug.

    The added capacity was a bonus, I thought. Now, I do see the potential drawback of "working" the fluid off the flat back, but I'm not sure the added cooling ability of the aluminum cover doesn't negate it, and I don't recall anything in the Banks videos one way or the other.

    I'm also a little puzzled by the notion that the pinion gear won't get oiled as much when using an aftermarket aluminum cover with a flat back. Isn't the fluid level high enough in a differential that the lower half of the pinion gear is submerged?

    Here's the series, if you're interested.

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    I learned something new today. Turns out the American Axle differential on my 2005 Silverado 2500 has a drain plug on the very bottom of the housing. I never knew that.