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What sucks about your Dodge / GM / Ford heavy duty truck?

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  • What sucks about your Dodge / GM / Ford heavy duty truck?

    Getting into truck shopping mode and looking at the available 3/4-1 ton trucks with the towing capacity that I'll need.
    Reading reviews is useless because they tend to be songs of praise and devotion from brand loyalists, and seeing that I'm not one it gets old pretty quick..

    My budget is $45K-ish, $50K tops, looking at trucks around 2014-2016 with the largest cab available by each manufacturer in premium trim levels and no more than 50K miles (preferably a lot less).
    This is my DD and used for family road trips and such, ain't nobody got time for base packages and anything less than crew cab.

    At this point in my research I feel that all of the models in the category have more than enough power for the job but GM is ahead of the game with 910 (!) ft/lbs from their D-Max while Dodge is at the back of the pack with 800 ft/lbs out of the Cummins (Fords are at 860~).
    Dodge is definitely in the lead for cab size with the condo-on-wheels mega cab and I also like their interior design better than the rest, which is good because the exterior design is "meh" at best (but not quite as butt ugly as the Fords).
    I'm kinda bummed with how small the GM interior feel once you stuff a couple of kid's seats in the back.

    So, Track HQ brain trust, many of you are towing big trailers with your Ram, Silverado/Sierra, F250/350, I'm looking for the stuff that you DON'T like.
    No need to add another "Allison trans is the best" or "Cummins torque blah blah blah"... Let's hear about the parts that you found out that you didn't care for after a couple years of usage, the stuff that broke, what you needed to fix that you thought was total bullsh*t, bad dealer / corporate experiences, design flaws that bug you etc..
    Also, sharing you real world experience with emissions related parts will be appreciated, what's your DEF consumption looking like and such.

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    Ram changes features with each model year. The 2012 2500 had tpms. The 3500 had it too but the 3500 notifed you but did not make your life an intrusive pain. So if the 3500 os still the same review the tpms and make sure it does not drive you nuts. The ride on ram very harsh. Ride on chevy is smooth. Ram will beat you to death on the 405 freeway around ucla going north. The 1500 locks the tailgate with fob. The 2500 does not. You have to buy the 1500 tailgate wiring and add it to the 2500 to get the 2500 tailgate to lock. Dumb! Mega cab is awesome. I wouldnot buy anything else. Lots of storage behind too.. you can also put in floor boxes like the 1500 small can trucks. If I needed to do that I would weld in a stout box there to lock up valuables. Since 2012 my ram has been perfect only gas ad oil. Oh trans pan is dumb design no drain plug. So you get a giant tuperware box thing from target and unbolt the pan and drop it in oil and all. What a freaking messy job. Oh now I'm whining...


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      My '15 GMC 1500 crew cab seems plenty big in the back seat for kids or adults and I think I'm a little bit taller than you so my seat might be back a hair further. I think you're just used to the Mega cab you had so a regular back seat seams tiny. No, I doubt it would be comfortable to sleep on like your old Mega Cab but you'll have a bed in a trailer. Plus, won't the smaller than huge back seat mean a slightly shorter wheelbase and better as a daily driver?
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        As a long-time Ford owner, the trend that I've seen with many Ford vehicles is that their gas engines seem to have problems along the way. They just don't seem to last as long or be as problem-free as what you'll find in a Toyota, Chevy/GM, or Dodge. I have no experience with the Power Stroke diesel engines.


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          How much def per mile is needed? My 2012 ram still uses fancy cats so no def needed. That is one major reason I bought ram. I don't know what they use now. Everyone seems to use deg


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            I hit my knee on my trailer hitch in the dark last night.

            It sucked.


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              Buttons in my particular ram are lame. In the old days you press a HP calculator button it always registers. Other calculators sometimes you have to press a button twice. The ram is a twice to push a button kind of truck