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Cleaning recommendations for white enclosed trailer?

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  • Cleaning recommendations for white enclosed trailer?

    I've got a 15 YO white 24' enclosed that's outside all the time. It's got the typical black streak old trailer look again, was last cleaned, buffed, & waxed 6-7 years ago. I've tried various household and automotive chemicals (including two different black streak removers) to remove the grime with little success. The only chemical that would touch it is Rustaid but that's really time consuming. Any recommendations?

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    Paint it black. LOL


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      Because I never wax my trailer, which is white, I usually wash it with Dawn dishwashing liquid. Stuff's pretty powerful.


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        I use the clay bar towel with dawn or car soap and water to strip paint surface clean.
        Then some easy spray Carnuba and buff shiny with micro fiber towels.
        It's quick if the weather is right can do truck and trailer in one day.

        For stains try a chemical cleaning wax or a mild abrasive rubbing compound.
        If the trailer paint is faded you might just make a white stripe with the strong cleaners.

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          Dawn, Simple green and other detergent or digressing products are bad for paint as it removes the oils from the paint. But once the paint is dried up and has dirt (black) streeks. It is very hard to get it out with out removing the top surface of paint. Hopefully you only need to take off a very thin amount.
          Polishing compound is you best bet. if that's not working, Next would be 800 to 1500 grit wet sand. Then Polishing compound.

          If you got more $$ then time, Easier just to repaint or wrap it.
          That's not a Typo, I just can't spell no so well.


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            try those Mr. Clean, Magic Eraser's you might go through a few of them but they work pretty good on stuff like that.. then you can wax it up to bring the shine back


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              edit: re-read your post. you already know about black streak remover....
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                I tried most of the common things including claybar and dish washing detergent (although not Dawn yet). Lst time I did end up having to polish the whole thing to get it off. Just hoping for something less time consuming. I thought about a magic eraser but haven't bought one to try yet. I'm considering painting the top. I've had several inexpensive enclosed trailers and all came with bare aluminum roof. Seems like the black streak syndrome is partly due to the oxidation of the roof.


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                  Magic erasers are abrasive, so use them judiciously. You can polish the finish back after use, but thin, heavily oxidized paint might be removed if you get really aggressive. They are great for knocking down oxidation on single-stage paints if you are in a hurry, just keep them wet.
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