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  • Firesuits 2020

    Looks like my beloved gforce 545 is a thing of the past. Anyone have any suggestions on 3 layer firesuits? Looking for something that has some stretch in the lower back and arms, hopefully not too hot.

    Where is the sweet spot?

    Also might consider a pricer suit only for summer use.

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    Not sure a about 2020 suits. But a few years backI got a Sparco Technia. It wast about 1700.00 range. It was on sale. Think I paid 800 at OGracing. They have some great deals on older New suits.
    It was the best thing I've ever done for my racing gear. I weighed about half as much as my G Force 3 layer suit. 10x;s as cool. just way better then anything I'd looked at. I also had Sparco alter it a little. They only charged me shipping.They are in Irvine. So you may be able to go check them out.
    That's not a Typo, I just can't spell no so well.


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      I'd suggest not going back to a 3 layer. Sparco and I think, a few other brands have single layers with the same ratings as old-school three layer suits. Sparco's Hocotex weave uses traditional fibers but in a unique weave that has far greater thermal protection which allows a far lighter, cheaper and breathable suit. I'm using a 2017 era Sparco RS4 suit (SFI 3.2A/5 & FIA 8856-2000) and it's remarkable. You can feel air getting through it to cool you off yet its at least as thermally protective as my heavy old Alpinestars FIA 3 layer. RS4's can be found for $550 now. Sparco has newer versions. The difference in comfort is massive.


      Aside from their cost I never understood why people race them.
      But obviously I just dont get it. -fatbillybob


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        Amusingly my new RS4 arrives today, haha!


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          It gets even better. I think my old 3 layer gforce 545 is close or even thinner than the rs4 with its single layer.

          Might well be threadbare, haha, but the 545 was always very impressive. Maybe the rs4 will breathe better. No doubt the fire protection is superior.