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SRA Kirkey seat mounting

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  • SRA Kirkey seat mounting

    I have a new to me SRA. Please take a look at the driver seat mount. Should it have a back mount like the passenger seat does?


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    Check the kirkey website, but yeah, aluminum seats generally need back braces or they will break.


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      If you're looking for something off the shelf, the AutoPower brace is pretty simple. I've used it before on a Kirkey seat.


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        Aluminum needs a back brace. AL does not break. It deforms. Not only do you want the brace but the with all attachments to the car it should be like in 6-8 places for example 4 bolts on seat base and 2 for the back brace. Best thing about aluminum is you can weld and attach things or drill and bolt to it. You can't do that with any FIA plastic seat. They are heavy but AL seat is the easiest and cheapest way to get full containment in your cockpit. You can also weld to your cage and attach to those side holes. That looks like it will support the seat back.
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          I appreciate the responses. I'll get the back brace sorted before I take her out.