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Shoes! Whatcha like?

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  • Shoes! Whatcha like?

    What features do you like? Are pricier ones any good?

    Sfi 3.3/5 mid tops or higher only.
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    I like the ones you and I have, the Sparco bargain brand, but I forget the name. It ends with "ico," (Trico? Nico?) but I haven't seen them anywhere since we bought them. Mine are getting worn to the point that I need to replace them.

    I had a pair of $100 Simpsons before that, pretty much the original racing shoe and they were so comfortable. The rubber sole got dried out and my feet were slipping off the pedals, which isn't good, so I bought the shoes I have now.

    The Simpsons are cheap enough that you can cycle through them without too much expense. I ended up keeping my Simpsons in the trunk of my car for when we'd go karting at Jim Hall, which is now closed for good — a moment of silence.


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      Lico! That's it!


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        I've had a pair of Oakley shoes for many years and always liked them. I now have a pair of Sparcos that I bought from Brett because they fit me better than him and so they were a good deal for me. I haven't really worn them though but they look nice.
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          Alpinestars Tech1-z. I love them. I had the cheapest Sparcos for a while, but hated them. It looks like they recent ones are a little better (as i am sure the pricey ones are), but the ones i had were bulky and didn't really have any advantage over tennis shoes other than obvious safety advantage. The Alpinestars are great because they are not any wider than they need to be and the soles provide lots of feedback. That said, they are definitely showing some wear, so I try to change out of them after a session rather than work on the car in them.

          Note: I wear US 13, so its important to me that the shoes doesn't have any extra length or width.
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            Ive had a few but keep coming back to my Crow mid-tops. Extremely comfortable with superb pedal feel and you cant beat the price. Also its nice to support a local business.


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              How are New Balance shoes? Vette guys seem to love them...
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                Puma, narrow to fit a tight foot box.


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                  Do the fancier shoes offer any arch support?


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                    I have Pumas and really like them.