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    Not exactly race car specific but I bought a cover for my wife's Audi (that sits outside so the race car is in the garage, there race car) a while back and it does not fit. It was advertised as a fitted cover but it is a big bag that blows off easily. Any good recommendations for well fitted covers that are not terribly expensive (just had to buy a new tow vehicle for the, yup, race car)?
    Thanks in advance,

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    I've had a few over the years, different companies. The best fitting one I had was a California Car Cover unit with two big grommets at the centerpoint (sides) of the car. I used a bungee cord to hold it to the car (underneath) and it worked well during the tropical storm season in the SE. They also have this product to help with your issue:
    Yer pal,


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      Thanks Force!


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        Any tips about whether or not covers should allow for evaporation of internal condensation?


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          I've had a lot of covers over many years and the best covers I've used are California car covers also. They'd even stand up to several winters in New England. I use multiple bungee cords and add several grommets no matter what brand of cover. The flapping of the covers over years of use (multiple covers) will wear paint off the points where the cover rubs.


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            I have had several covers. The one I liked the best was called "Autobody Armor" from Cover King. It is a thick but stretchy material that lasted a long time (for a cover). I also had a NOAH cover and didn't like it. It was light weight which was nice, but it always left white dust on the car. The manufacture told me that I had to wash the cover (which is a huge PITA) and that helped a little, but still always left dust on the car.