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Portable Tire Inflator/Compressor?

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  • Portable Tire Inflator/Compressor?

    Can you guys recommend one? I've gone through 2. The first was a cheapy that was given to me by a friend (plasticky one not meant for heavy duty usage), the second was attached to a battery jump start pack branded as "motor trend" from Kragen. Both of them stopped working in about two months. Anyhow I just bought a Craftsman one from Sears for the warranty only to find out it won't work with a cigarette lighter power source, only a standard plug in two pronged power supply.

    I've seen everybody using them, and there has to be a few good ones people have had experiences with. Please share!

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    maybe just get a cheap power converter for the new one you bought. I use a power converter to charge all kinds of goodies at the track.
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      i have a snap-on portable electric air compression that actually runs off the same rechargeable battery packs for my snap-on impact gun. its been working great for over 5 years now


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        This thing works great, but you do have to run it off your car battery. The price shown is high, I think I paid less than $60 at Pep Boys.
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          I have one from Costco. it was ~$60. Its one of those unit that is combined with a jump start power and a worklight. I always keep in charged per instruction manual. So far so good. Almost been a yr and no problems yet. However, it also doesn't see heavy use. I use it only once b4 each event. I have a bad habit of just doing the "set it and forget it" routine for my tire pressures.


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            if your using it just to top off tires or adjust pressures, you can get one of these:


            you can fill it up at the air pump at the track, and should you run out by the end of the day, you just go back and fill it again. Works much better than the 12v air compressors


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              Best pump for trucks

              The best tire inflator for trucks is definitely the P. I. Auto Store Portable Digital Tire Inflator. It plugs into any 12V DC outlet so that you don't have to worry about deflated tires and a pump that won't plug into the standard outlet socket.
              You have worthwhile things to do with your precious time and the best portable air compressor for tires lets you avoid wasting time when inflating your truck. Its powerful 35l/min flow rate can charge a tire from 0 to 30 PSI in under 30 mins, a rate unmatched by so many inflators.
              It has good shock absorbers and thus pumping is as silent as it comes. You don't struggle setting the pressure as the LCD display p. gauge is backlit to illuminate the scale even in the dark.

              A 13ft long power cord is also a plus when it comes to trucks as you can reach longer distances without shifting the power source. The air hose also has a snap-on type of connector that is a breeze to attach and detach from the valve stem without loss of air pressure.

              The microprocessor TPMS won't fail you and it automatically stops the pump at your set pressure without overshooting.
              The P. I. Auto Store Portable Digital Tire Inflator has a max pressure of 150 PSI, excellent for trucks, SUVs, bicycles, small cars, motorbikes, ATVs, sports gear, air boats, etc. and it comes with all these adaptors.
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