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How ACT Clutches Are Made

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  • How ACT Clutches Are Made

    Red_5 shot this and I stitched it together after we toured the ACT factory in Lancaster, Calif., in February. It's really cool to see how ACT manufactures its clutches.

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    ACT also has a new and very trick dual-disc clutch it has made called the Forged Twin. Rather than using two separate discs, either rigid for racing or sprung for street use, the Forged Twin uses a single hub driven by both discs.

    They accomplish this by adding splines to the outside of the hub, which is thicker than normal, and incorporating matching splines on the inside of the friction surfaces, again either solid or sprung. So, essentially they have reinvented the twin-disc clutch by separating the friction surface from the hub and making the components completely modular. One pressure plate design can accommodate sprung and unsprung hubs, organic, full circumference materials and cerametallic “pucks.” The technology is as old as the spline itself. It’s just a new application for it.

    Here's how it all goes together. It's really cool.