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IZZE Racing tire temp monitors

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  • IZZE Racing tire temp monitors

    I don't know if you guys have seen this, but it's very cool:

    The four-channel kit is pretty expensive at $1,750.

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    Interesting. To me this emphasizes why when taking tire temps with a pyrometer you press the probe deep enough into the rubber that you're getting a good core reading rather than measuring the off the outer surface since the surface cools to 120° by half way down each straight.
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      I thought it was pretty cool that you can see the linear tread separations in the NT01 on the display.


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        That's cool. I wonder what you can do with that info? I guess you could snapshot your wheel weights and see if you are getting even braking? LR is so much hotter on the right turn bias track so maybe adjusting tire pressure on the LR or swapping LR with RR after a couple of sessions to even out wear? But these are surface readings with a 72F delta. Do they really mean anything? I kinda don't think so.