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APR GTC300 explodes on track.

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  • APR GTC300 explodes on track.

    Was running an event this weekend at SMMR when my wing self-destructed. This was at about 125mph, high AOA (ie. +20'), and pretty windy. Wing had been fine earlier in the day at +145mph speeds.

    This shows you how my wing is attached.

    1. uprights bolted to clam
    2. wing flange bolted to uprights
    3. wing flange riveted to wing

    The wing separated from the wing flanges, pulling the rivets and glue... then going airborne and separating the upper and lower sections of the wing.
    In the video, you can also see one of the endplates shoots off to the right, thru a gate.

    What was still attached to the car were my uprights and the wing flanges.

    Thinking next will be a swan neck and chassis mounted... but with a better built wing. Suggestions?
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    I am not sure what happened, but inspecting my wing for cracks underneath is part of my regimen. I hit speeds of 160 MPH plus and even at 4-5 degrees of angle of attack the loads can be quite high. The buffeting from adjacent cars adds to the stresses.

    I had to replace one wing after three years as it was starting to crack. My current wing was due for a replacement, too, until it met its demise in a crash at Thunderhill in October.
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      Thank goodness that happened mid straight and not mid corner.

      I wonder if the high angle of attack was causing greater than designed for drag load. From the APR website, they show that the wing stalls around 15 degrees. Did the wing split into 2 after contact with the pavement? How old was the wing? Did it show signs of cracking anywhere? Was the gel coat thin anywhere from UV/sun exposure?
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        the wing elements split apart before it hit the ground.
        Don't know how old the wing is, but it is less than 10 years old. No signs of cracking anywhere.
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          Wow, I never even knew something like this could happen.


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            If APR reports that this wing will stall at 15 degrees, why was it set to 20? Even 15 is pretty high, assuming a cambered airfoil.