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Supermiata facebook drama!

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  • Supermiata facebook drama!

    Freshly deleted!

    Emilio Cervantes
    6 hrs
    Qualify! I have noticed some drivers (K-J) miss qualifying or are not ready to do a good lap. It is always the last session before Saturday race 1. Any time in any group from that session. You may notice the top drivers in the series pushing hard in morning practice then jumping out of the car in the paddock to record tire temps/pressures. They are taking those first two sessions before qual to dial in the car. Learn how to get your car ready, get focused, find space on track and get a single good lap in. If and when you race with another organization, you will need to be able to qualify well. It is an integral part of being a race driver, not an afterthought.
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    1Oscar Jackson
    Rob Burgoon
    Rob Burgoon Qualifying may be a bit overshadowed by the 4 races and all the grid inversions. I can see how it wouldn't be a priority for midpackers in a casual series with that format.
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    Emilio Cervantes
    Emilio Cervantes We award points for qualifying. The series is about learning as much as racing. If a driver never learns to qualify well, they are lacking an important skill.
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    K-J Emilio, I know you singled me out of the 20 or so SPM racers because you love me so much. You'll be relieved to know that I have started using my pyrometer at the track for a while now, and I am not exactly sad with my qualifying times the last two rac...See More
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    Emilio Cervantes
    Emilio Cervantes I singled you out because you often have no time at all for the qualifying session. As if you weren't even on track.
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    K-J It is not always good to single out people for a talking to if they are not your kids.
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    Rob Burgoon
    Rob Burgoon Public shaming isn't always the best way to go about things. You remember that "stop being a dick" private conversation we had, Emilio? Let's pretend we're having it again right now, a little less privately.

    Thread deleted and booted from the SPM drivers facebook group at this point. Funny, thought I was still a SPM driver...
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    Buttonhook you remember this drama? Great driving! I still can't do that.


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      Originally posted by fatbillybob View Post
      Buttonhook you remember this drama? Great driving! I still can't do that.
      Yep, and we're all quite happy that I'm not running a race series (myself included).


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        I'm glad we just got a fresh 32 ounce container of popping corn... this is gonna be great.



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            Zhong (Evo IX) | Angry Panda Racing

            1:53.396 @ BRP CW13 - 11/14/13
            1:47.2xx @ Laguna Seca - 11/28/10
            2:03.026 @ Thill CCW Bypass - 12/20/14
            2:05.100 @ CVR CCW - 1/16/11
            1:58.151 @ CVR CW - 5/5/13
            1:25.56x @ WSIR - 10/13/13
            1:23.128 @ SOW CW - 7/27/14
            1:22.2xx @ SOW CCW - 7/26/14
            1:46.0xx @ ACS Roval - 11/23/14
            1:11.299 @ ACS Infield - 5/18/14

            Fastest Limited/Mod Class Evo in Time Attack at WSIR
            2nd Fastest Limited/Mod Class Evo in Time Attack at BRP 13CW


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              Edited, I've decided to stay out of it.
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                Now that we're all back in town, I think the next appropriate step would be an apology from whoever booted me from the SuperMiata Driver's group and an invitation to rejoin the group.