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Wireless Tire pressure Monitoring systems

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  • Wireless Tire pressure Monitoring systems

    Has anyone used these wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring systems before? I know a lot of newer cars come with the TPMS sensors, I wonder how accurate these are.
    My tire pressure gauge recently starting leaking, thought I might give these a try.
    How can I do?

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    I wonder which will happen first in my neighborhood: the sensors get stolen, or the batteries deplete.
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      Back from the dead!

      Started using something like that with my trailer, like it so far.


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        using with a trailer ? is distance an issue ?
        I never got mine (not this brand, but cost me ~$350) to work.
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          That is a great idea Rob. I probably should do same with the motorhome. Always terrified of losing a tire when towing as heavy as we do.

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            LOVE HATE! I like the way Rob is probably using his tpms to alert him of an issue then he takes personal action. What I hate is BIG BROTHER tpms that alert me to a situation and incestuously dinky with my ECU going into limp mode and the like. I'm not that smart but I'm certainly no idiot and I don't need GM babysitting me.


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              I have a shortbed and an open trailer. The max distance for the unit is 25' so it's inside of the range, but might not work with a bigger vehicle. Mine does have a beeping alarm and you can configure what pressure it goes off at. You might try installing it in the back of the motorhome, you might notice the beeping even back there.