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Nasa @ acs 8-3-13

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  • Nasa @ acs 8-3-13

    I went to the Nasa event this last weekend to take a few pix for Moti of some of the cars he's done. I wasn't there long so I didn't get all that many photo's taken but I got a few decent ones.

    Here's the set. 8-3-13 - nasa @ Acs - a set on Flickr

    A few of my favorites:

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    Those are some nice shots, Erik. It's not easy to get Kosei K1 wheels to show motion at those speeds. Nice work!


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      Wow, great work! Just curious, how much post-shoot editing went into the two pictures of the Audi to get that color/clarity? Those two in particular look incredible.


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        Thanks for the compliment. These shots were actually pretty close to what I wanted straight out of the camera. As Brett mentioned the sun was brutal as it always is at the these track days. I'd take more credit for those shots but really it's my nikkor 70-200 f2.8 that's doing the work here. It just seems like that lens is gold to me... everything I point it at looks engaging and needs very little post processing work. sharpening, touch of vibrance and level tweaks and it's good to go.


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          Erik, your work is great. Make me want to bring my SLR gear out to the track more.