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Spec Miata that revs to 7,400

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    ^^^ Reminds me of the days when, instead of publishing a bhp number for their cars, Rolls Royce just said "Power: Adequate."
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      Smokey Yunick was a NASCAR crew chief in the 50s and early 60s with a shop in Daytona Beach called the "Best Damn Garage in Town." He was quietly responsible for a number of innovations that advanced combustion technology, chief among them, angle-plug small-block Chevy heads.

      Remember Doc Hudson in the movie "Cars"? Smokey was the crew chief on that team.

      One famous Smokey rule skirting: Electric fans weren't permitted in NASCAR, so he put a fan on the engine that incoming air would spin, which would turn the water pump and circulate coolant. No belt was necessary, so it freed up a few horsepower, which was enough to put his car up front. There wasn't a rule against it till he invented it.

      I'm no NASCAR fan, but having grown up an hour from his shop, all of my buddies and I considered him a legend. A friend of mine called his shop and actually got him on the phone and they talked engines for an hour or so. I got to meet him when he donated his "Smoketron" machine to my alma mater UCF, which currently offers a master's degree program in race engine optimization. A Smoketron is essentially a giant electric motor and engine rig that can spin a Cup Car engine and measure parasitic loads of different equipment used (valve springs, rings, bearing clearances, etc.) Like a Spintron for a whole engine.

      A self-taught genius, he could be a real bastard when he wanted to be. He could admit it, so I guess I can too, but I thought it was a privilege to meet him, and I always admired what he did.

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