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  • pyrometer readings

    Is it the consensus of the group that pyrometer readings to set hot tire pressures are just as significant whether a tire is slick, DOT-R, or street?

    Personally, I have spent a couple of years on slicks and over a decade on DOT-R, and almost zero time on street tires. I do not know this to be fact but it seems that the slick is the thinnest tire. It seems that it heats the fastest and cools the fastest and has the narrowest optimal operating temp for max speed. Then it seems the DOT-R has a wider window. Then the street tire seems to be a big giant thick heavy heat sink and I'm not convinced that the tire temps I get are really beneficial to tuning or that the range of acceptable hot temp is the widest while the ultimate grip is the lowest.

    So am I a nutjob and just discovering what is already known? Do you guys just think I'm nuts.

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    You have it right.

    Race tires shed heat much better but also harder to get up to temp. Race slick almost undriveably greasy until it comes up. In colder weather on a stiff car, that can be 2-3 laps. DOT radials almost always best on first flying lap. Most modern EHP (Extreme High Performance) 200tw tires are a bit more pressure agnostic. You can be off 3psi on every tire and they'll still be pretty good. The same 3psi off on radial slicks and you think something is broken.

    Aside from their cost I never understood why people race them.
    But obviously I just dont get it. -fatbillybob