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street miata stolen, suggestions for replacement

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    If you read it carefully along with other articles. What they meant was early 05 have issues but late 05 and 06 have very little issue as they went to double row. LMS makes a kit for up to early 05.

    Originally posted by Silversprint View Post
    From rennlist

    Which Models Were Affected?
    The IMS bearing issue is a carryover issue from the 996 model. The earlier non-Carrera S 997 models had the same basic engine as the 996, hence, the same issues.

    Most late 2005 and early 2006 997 models are included and, as mentioned earlier, a very small percentage of those cars were affected. But if there is doubt in your mind, most experts completely rule out any IMS bearing failure on 2007 and newer 997 models, as some engine components were updated and no incidents have been reported so far. If you happen to be in the market for one, remember that a Porsche CPO warranty could be a good idea, possibly helping you sleep better at night. So far this is not a reason to pass up on your long-awaited Porsche acquisition.
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