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Correct transponder?

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    For Speed Ventures I understand that anything AMB-like with a serial number is probably going to work.

    But for NASA or SCCA, don't they use AMB's web portal for timing? So I would need a valid AMB transponder? Or is that not so true. I have not been involved in any events like that so I am really not sure.
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      Originally posted by Blackbird View Post
      AMB is becoming the Martin Shkreli of the lap timing world.
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        Timing software isn't the issue at all, a transponder # is a transponder # to it regardless of the software's developer.

        The decoder box attached is where the fun part is for AMB. This is for little cars:

        I am speaking out of my ass, though. I am assuming AMB has a similar system for big cars (transponder -> loop -> decoder box -> timing software). I haven't worked timing and scoring since the days before transponders.

        Maybe the new AMB subscription-transponders simply don't transmit anything if their firmware isn't activated and no new hardware is required to be attached to the timing loop. Judging by what AMB did to the R/C car world with the new decoder box though, I wouldn't be surprised if they did it to us big car racers sometime in the future.