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NASA SoCal Buttonwillow April 6/7

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    I didn't watch the whole 30 min but what I did watch looked like fun. Nice save exiting Cotton Corners at around 16 min. I think I would have tried to time a pass exiting Cotton corners. If, and it's a big if, you were able to time it so you caught him at the exit rather than him slowing you down through that whole section, you could get him on exit.

    I wish I could have been there.
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      Tway Race Report - NASA SoCal Buttonwillow

      Here's my report from Saturday and Sunday.

      Saturday Race
      I qualified in 3rd (last) for Super Touring 2 with a 1:54.6. Chuck Matthews in his freshly completed 2004 C6 Corvette ST-2 car put on brand new tires for qualifying and set a blistering lap down of 1:51.9. Isaac Schumacher in his BMW M3 qualified 2nd with a 1:53.0.

      Click image for larger version

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      Pre-grid for Saturday

      At the race start, I got the jump on Isaac, and had a good run on Chuck, but got blocked out by a Mazda who lost his engine. We would exit Turn 1 with Chuck, me, and Isaac in that order. From there it was a great battle, with all three of us within seconds of each other for the entirety of the race. I would pressure Chuck for passes, and Isaac the same to me. This cat and mouse game continued until lap 9 when I entered Turn 1 a little too hot and drove off and on, giving up 2nd to Isaac. I wouldn't catch back up to Isaac until the last lap. He had been working on getting around Chuck the whole time to no avail. Entering Cotton Corners, Isaac tried a little too hard and also spun off left, barely missing the flag station, and graciously giving back 2nd place. We would finish with Chuck in 1st, me 2nd and Isaac in 3rd.

      Click image for larger version

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      Isaac exiting stage left.

      Here's the Race-Keeper video from Saturday. There are links in the description to the race highlights. Just click on them and the video will jump right to the highlight.

      Sunday Race
      Qualifying on Sunday was much closer with all three of us on used tires. Chuck would take pole position again with a 1:52.5. I found some more pace and qualified 2nd with a 1:53.6, barely edging out Isaac with a 1:54.1.

      On new tires, I got a good jump on Chuck at the green flag, but couldn't make the pass stick on the outside of Turn 1. I started pressuring him right away, knowing I only had a couple of laps with the tire advantage. I made a brazen late brake pass into Turn 1 on lap 2, but Chuck shut the door on me barely taking off my front end.

      Click image for larger version

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      Later in lap 2, entering Bus Stop, Chuck broke a little early and I took my chance. Advantage Tway. I would create a very good lead, running uncontested until lap 14, when I dropped off pace by about 4 seconds per lap. Both my rear tires held a meeting and decided to go home early. Isaac had passed Chuck about mid race and started to reel me in. He caught me on the last lap entering Cotton Corners, but I was able to hold him off.

      Here is Sunday's Race Keeper video:
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        Gordon's PTE Race for Saturday. Just uploaded last night. I used that Monoprice Action Cam that i keep going on about.
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