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2018 AROSC Track Schedule

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  • 2018 AROSC Track Schedule

    Here is our Track Schedule for 2018. While we are the Alfa Club, most of the Alfas seem to have gotten too valuable to run at the track. Maybe there are cheaper and newer and better cars to bring to the track too? We don't care what make or model you drive, but we want you to drive it with us! We've been putting cars on the track since 1972, and have no plans to stop now!

    We run Time Trial groups and Wheel to Wheel races at all of our track events. We will ensure that you get in the proper run group for your level of driving skills. Classroom sessions are conducted at our events for novices, or anyone who wants to pick up a few pointers. We also have instructors available to ride with you to give you pointers to improve your lap times. Our race group is set up for "open" racing. We classify by weight to horsepower, and you will compete for trophies with cars of similar performance.

    We also run one or two driving schools each year. Our classes cover from total track beginners to seasoned wheel to wheel racers. This is a great opportunity for people who think they want to do some track driving, and want to learn the right way to get started.

    Our 2018 Schedule

    Big Willow Feb 3-4

    Driving School Apr 21-22

    Buttonwillow Jun 2-3

    Driving School Sept 15-16

    Laguna Seca Oct 20-21

    Auto Club Speedway Infield Course Dec 8-9
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    Terry Watson
    AROSC Competition Director

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    I think Richard might come out of retirement for your Dec 8-9 event. I remember how much he likes the infield at Auto Club!


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      Nice. I'm hoping I'll have the time to run a few of these events.
      Racer Z
      Escargot Racing
      2015 Alfa Romeo 4C


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        Looking forward to running your school in April.
        SuperMiata S2 Class #33


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          TCRA will be there