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Buttonwillow #13 CW Critique Please (135i)

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  • Buttonwillow #13 CW Critique Please (135i)

    Looking for some feedback/critique, I'm having a lot of trouble finding similar BMW N54 cars for comparison on this track. I have a 2008 BMW 135i, square DForce 17" rims w/ Z2's, Ferrodo DS2500 (no other mods). Hoping you guys can give me some advice what I can do differently / where to shave off some time..

    It was about 75F, so no limp issues fortunately


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    Looks pretty good. I think you need to downshift more, particularly exiting turn 2, bus stop, phil hill, and the sweeper. Also avoid that curb on the outside of turn 1, it's like a train track that sucks you away from the apex.


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      More curb at the bus stop. Also, I think you are scrubbing more speed than you need to at the end of corners. Try to get the car rotated a little earlier, then you might be able to roll on more gas and unwind the wheel earlier. Especially at the bus stop.
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        stay off the candy cane into turn one
        need to track out at club corner and take it all the way out
        jump the berm at bus stop, don't go completely around it
        I take more of a mid line though riverside then track all the way out
        double apex sweeper to carry more speed into the esses

        I'm not fast or a record breaker so take my advice with "grain of salt"
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          Thanks for all the input, good things to try when I go back 4/12-4/13!

          - avoid entry berm @ turn 1
          - scrub less @ cotton. rotate/throttle earlier into grape
          - jump/ride berm harder @ bus stop
          - riverside, try mid/wider line
          - sweeper, try double apex or wiiide late apex

          I'm most inconsistent when it comes to riverside/sweeper, and whether to hug the inside tight to save distance traveled or wide line for less scrubbing. Agree also my shifting points could use some work, I get away with it for the most part due to the wide power band / turbo, but every little bit helps..


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            Coasting is generally bad for lap times. Not always, but most of the time.


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              ^^^ What he said. As well as the other tips. If your car is set up right, You should be full throttle (unless you have WAY to much power to grip ratio) from exiting Cotton corners to Phil Hill. With a dab of brake (or if your really good, just lift) at the Bus stop.

              On Phil Hill. Put your left wheels on the curbing while braking. From there (using the down force of going up hill) turn in and aim at the inside curb. But do all your turning before you get to the crest of the hill. Try and run it over with your right side wheels. Your car will be pointing straight in the direction you need to be going. The closer to the inside curb the better, because at the crest the car will get light and move over a 1/2 a car with once it settles.
              If you do that right, you can roll on the throttle just after turn in (before the crest). That way you do not need to down shift.
              That's not a Typo, I just can't spell no so well.


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                I agree with Gian regarding phil hill. You have a lot of time you can take out there. You need to know where the track is after the crest and setup the car for what you know is on the other side. You are "driving" over the top of the hill and then responding after the crest to what you see.

                Good turnin one turn 1. I would say you need to unwind the steering faster out of the button hook. Not a lot of time to be had, but you seem to be trailing the corners and the car through the esses. Try to stay ahead of the corners through there. Once you start getting behind in esses, the corners start compounding and you start getting further and further behind missing the apexs by more and more with the final conclusion of being slow out of the last one. I think your turn in on the final corner is too early. I watched the video without audio so no input on the shifts or coasting. But those guys know what they are talking about that mentioned those things. I would take there advise.


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                  BTW Laseer. I am a mechanic and not a driver. Take any advice I give you on driving with a grain of salt and ask for confirmation from the good drivers here whether they concur or not.


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                    thanks Jamz/Gian, i'll keep that in mind for buttonhook/phil's hill. driving up to BW in a few hours to try this all out on the weekend. will let you guys know how it turns out on Monday =) Thanks for all the input!


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                      Originally posted by laazer View Post
                      thanks Jamz/Gian, i'll keep that in mind for buttonhook/phil's hill. driving up to BW in a few hours to try this all out on the weekend. will let you guys know how it turns out on Monday =) Thanks for all the input!
                      +rob, didn't mean to leave you out :P i have heard/noticed that coasting is a nasty habit of mine, will attempt to take that out of the equation too


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                        i'll be in the black rsx, come by and say hi


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                          Just to add on to what everyone else is saying, exiting the last turn to start the hot lap, you lost 3-5/10ths and speed down that front straight. You lifted twice through there. Once you turn in, you should stay on the gas. If you can't then you turned in too early, so turn in another 5-10ft later. So instead of crossing the line at 103mph, you crossed at 100mph. Little things like that add up.

                          Brake like 50ft later for T1, carry more speed into it and trail off the brakes smoothly and get back on the gas, roll into wot.

                          Definitely go down another gear or 2nd gear into T2, lost like 2s there as it kills you from entry, all the way down the straight into braking for cotton corners. You might have the feather the throttle 70-80% as you exit the apex to not have wheelspin, but once you feel it hooking, flat out and unwind to the outside.

                          Brake 25ft later for cotton corners and/or brake less. You want to trail brake going completely over the right apex berm. Carry more speed into like 5mph more. Min speed should be at least 50.

                          You missed the grapevine apex by 3-4ft. Have your right tires go all the way over to inside of that berm. You will get more track. You almost ran out of room on the exit.

                          Bus stop got covered. You shouldn't need to breathe off throttle for that right kink. FLAT OUT!

                          Riverside, you want to be at the far left after the kink before entering riverside, then turn in from up top (gives you a higher entry speed, let it naturally scrub speed as you enter, you should be around mid track...maintenance throttle and be patient. And when you see the apex coming out of the front right pass window, get on throttle as early as you can without needing to lift (30-50ft before reaching the apex)

                          You want to track out to maybe 1 car width space from the left. YOu are still holding your steering wheel the same angle, so if you do need to unwind, then it means you didnt corner fast enough to slide out to that point. So go faster there until you can hit the mark without needing to unwind to get there.

                          No lifting when you exit Riverside until Magic Mountain aka Lost Hills aka Phil Hill.

                          Brake 20ft later for phil hill. Carry another 4-5mph more. You should end up at the very bottom of the hill if you take it fast enough. It will throw you down there if you take it fast enough. Get on throttle as soon as you can because a long straight comes after. So the faster you can take phil hill, the lower your lap times.

                          Brake 20ft later for sweeper. Notice there was not much tire squeel entering and while cornering. It should squeel from entry all the way to exit. So go faster through the entire turn.

                          Before hitting the last apex. Track out and leave half a car width from the outside. So you need to tell yourself to let it go. Frozen "Let it go...let it GOO". to the outside a few seconds before you reach the apex. So when you turn in for that apex, you should be on throttle alot. That way you can get a better run and earlier run (wot out of that turn), which means higher straight line speed. Maybe save you 1s from exiting sweeper to braking for Sunset. Look at how late you were full throttle. if you full throttle 30-40ft earlier from way back on the outside, you will gain 5+mph over what you were at when you first flat out.

                          Notice how you coasted into the last turn. So that means flat out a tiny bit longer and brake a little bit later. 30-40ft or so. Look at the speedo. It went from 112-60 in a hurry, but then it just hung around there til you actually got to the apex. At apex you were at 54mph. So essentially from 2:19 (60mph) to 2:22 (54mph) (3 seconds) you dropped 6mph. Not so efficient. This means brake later and brake less.

                          And don't hit that curb, it really really upsets the car there. People actually spin hitting that curb if they hit it just right, especially in rwd car. It also hurts your exit speed. Notice when you start to get back on throttle, it was after it hit the berm and car settled, then you go back on it. So some lost time there.

                          So if you manage to fix all those issues, I can guarantee you, if nothing else changed with the can drop another 5-7s.

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                            Originally posted by azngotmilk View Post
                            i'll be in the black rsx, come by and say hi
                            hey, tried looking for you, but no luck. hope to see you around at another event!


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                              Originally posted by laazer View Post
                              hey, tried looking for you, but no luck. hope to see you around at another event!
                              not for a while, I was pulled off track and got towed back to orange county lol