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2014/05/03 Arizona MotorSports Park A ProAutoSports, Inc. HPDE Event

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  • 2014/05/03 Arizona MotorSports Park A ProAutoSports, Inc. HPDE Event

    This video features my track-prepped '95 Miata street car which has a lightly modified '97 Miata engine running in the Advanced Green HPDE Group at Arizona MotorSports Park in the Phoenix metro-area (one of five separate road racing circuits in the Phoenix meto-area). My last full lap in this video is my best to date lap on this wonderful 2.3-mi track (2:03.76).

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    That track is as flat as a pancake, and about as well-maintained as Buttonwillow. As hot as it is in Phoenix, how many months a year can you run there?
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      I believe the AMP track in the Phoenix area is in somewhat better condition than Button Willow (despite all the obvious AMP crack patching visible in my video) and is smooth and considerably wider as well. Though as you point out, Richard, the 2.25-mi AMP track is absolutely flat, it actually has three straightaways to stretch the legs of the faster track prepped cars and is also rather technical, fairly fast, and has a good mix of corner types and speeds (and in addition has quite a few covered paddock parking spots and modern, exceptionally clean bathrooms). In the recent past folks in the Phoenix metro-area did not participate in HPDE and club racing in that area from about the middle of May till October (those who can afford it go over to northern CA and run at Sonoma and Laguna Seca or to Spring Mt and Miller in NV and UT respectively where it's relatively cooler in the summer); however, the wonderful natural-terrain circuit at Inde MotorSports Ranch less than an hour and half east of Tucson just off I-10 at Wilcox, AZ is located in what we term the "high desert" at about 4500' elevation which is several degrees cooler in the summer months than is Phoenix at 1200' (though many do not consider 90-95 F comfortable either). And NASA and PAS have recently started to schedule "Track Addict" events during summer in Phoenix that start at about sunrise and end at about 10 or 11 AM. I have been to Willow Springs and Button Willow in SOCAL during the summer and frankly find it too hot there to enjoy (just as the Phoenix area tracks are too hot for full day events in the summer). Nonetheless, the five separate road racing tracks within the approximate 40-mi radius of the Phoenix metro area -- which has some 5-million residents now (plus the outstanding Inde track to the east of Tucson in the high-desert) is rather unique in the U.S., and that attracts lots of folks to visit southern AZ in the cooler months for track events -- but most residents and tourists in the summer here head for the cooler highland vacation areas like the White Mts. and the Grand Canyon in AZ, and the wonderful mountain areas in NM, UT, CO, and CA -- us Arizona residents are centrally located with respect to all those mountain areas and take advantage of them in droves during the hot summers here.
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