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2013 8/31 Inde MotorSports Ranch-Wilcox, AZ A ProAutoSports HPDE track event

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  • 2013 8/31 Inde MotorSports Ranch-Wilcox, AZ A ProAutoSports HPDE track event

    Here's the first-of-two recent in-car videos with forward/rearward picture-in-picture format that I shot with a GoPro Hero video camera from my track/street 1995 Miata at an HPDE track day event at the Inde MotorSports Ranch race track near Wilcox, AZ.

    1995 Miata At Track Event -- Inde MotorSports Ranch Video-1 - YouTube

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    Looks like a really fun track. What was the ProAutoSports entry fee per day if you don't mind my asking?

    Aside from their cost I never understood why people race them.
    But obviously I just dont get it. -fatbillybob


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      The Inde MotorSports Ranch track is indeed a very fun and rather technical track -- especially this particular fast track configuration which eliminates a few slower interior corners and a chicane just before the start/finish line. Both ProAutoSports Inc and NASA-AZ hold club-racing/HPDE events on this track. In fact NASA-AZ has an upcoming combined race-class/HPDE event there on the weekend of Oct 12/13 2013 (NASA AZ » Schedule that's the perfect time of the year to be in AZ and out on that great track located in a lovely high-desert area at about 4300-ft elevation, ten miles north via a paved county road from I-10 at Wilcox, AZ). I will attempt to send you a private email re this, including the possibility for use of a private garage at the track.
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        Emilio -

        I have been on ProAutoSports email list for years, although I have never run one of their events. It appears they are run something like NASA, with Club Racing and HPDE. Here is their website.

        ProAutoSports Home Page
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          Re the scheduled Oct 12 & 13, 2013 NASA-AZ club-racing/HPDE event at Inde MotorSports Ranch: this event is only open to NASA members, and the HPDE event charge is a quite reasonable $150 for one day or $250 for two days and that includes four 20-min on-track sessions per day for all four HPDE classes ( ). Best commercial lodging in Wilcox, AZ, which is 10-mi from the track, is at the fairly new and quite nice Holiday Inn Express which has a special rate of about $70/nite for particpants during Inde MotorSports Ranch track weekends (including complementary breakfast starting at 6 AM). There are also other less expensive motels in Wilcox. There is also plenty of over night paved parking in the track paddock area for motorhomes and self-contained RV trailers as well as for tow vehicles and race car trailers, and tent camping is also allowed in the large paved paddock area. I don't know the fee for staying over night at the track in an RV or tent, but for those electing to stay over night at the track, there are large and very-clean separate bathrooms with showers for men and women in one of the main track buildings located two to three hundred yards from the paddock. PortaJohns are used in the paddock area for those not interested in making the walk to another area at the track.

          ProAutoSports Inc. traditionally takes over the track for three-day club-racing/HPDE events on the Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. The ProAutoSports daily charges for HPDE at Inde MotorSports Range events have been within the range of those above noted for NASA weekends ( ProAutoSports Home Page ).

          The SCCA rents the Inde track for Regional and Regional/National races a couple times per year and they also host monthly Vintage Car race events during the winter months at the Inde track.

          Check out this track facility at Inde Motorsports Ranch - Willcox Arizona .
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