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Top 25 VIRginia International Raceway Lap Times

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  • Top 25 VIRginia International Raceway Lap Times

    Post only your PB laptime on this thread. Make a new thread if you want to start a discussion. We will update this list periodically. When the list is full, please don't submit your time if it is slower then the last person on the list. Also, we will delete your post after your info is updated on the list to keep the thread clean.

    You are only allow to submit your own lap time. One entry per driver per track config. We will only list your fastest time if more than one entry is submitted by the same driver.

    Please include info in the following format:

    track config if necessary; laptime (name; car; tires; HP(crank otherwise stated)/Weight(w/o driver otherwise stated); Month/Yr; optional link to Video or time sheet)

    BW#13CW; 1:22.323 (Mika Hakkinen; McLaren MP4; Michelin Soft; 800whp/1,300lbs w/driver; Dec/01)

    Note: The .x's submitted with your times will be equivalent to a digit 9.

    Top 25 VIR Full Course Lap Times