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2003 white AP1 Honda S2000 street legal, track-prepped w AP2 engine & transmission

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  • 2003 white AP1 Honda S2000 street legal, track-prepped w AP2 engine & transmission

    After enjoying this AP1 S2000 as an STR autocross vehicle and a fairly quick track car for a few years, it's time for me to move on.

    As it has worked out, the car evolved beyond the basic bolt-ons of the STR build and now has a fortified 2.2L engine that makes about 35 more WHP than it did in STR form. You can see from the detailed itemization in the second post below that it has nearly $17,000 in aftermarket parts (no labor included). I've addressed almost all of the known weaknesses and long-term maintenance of the S2000, from worn axle cups to valve spring retainers to engine and rear differential mounts, and have added aftermarket parts that will drastically improve the car's performance and longevity under track use, such as the oversized Koyo radiator, the Mishimoto oil cooler, and the Fluidampr crank pulley. Additionally, the car is considerably quicker now than it was with simple bolt-ons. It runs on an AEM Infinity EMS which enables seamless flex-fuel (both gasoline and E85) operation without any recalibration or switching of maps.

    I'd like to mention that the engine assembly work and the setup and tuning of the AEM Infinity EMS was done by Chris Mayfield of 3R Automotive—a name you may have heard of before (multi-time SCCA Solo Nationals Champion and NASA Time Trials Champion)—with S2000 expert, SCCA Solo National Champion, former K-PAX pro driver, and 3R Automotive technician Robert Thorne having worked on the car as well.

    I bought this car in Texas summer of 2013. I had been looking for a white AP1 S2000 with a TAN interior for a very long time (most white AP1 S2000s are equipped with a red interior, which I dislike strongly). This car has a salvage title from vandalism... apparently a previous owner made someone very unhappy, and that very unhappy person keyed the car on both sides and slashed both the seats and the cloth top, which is the reason the car ended up with a salvage title. The individual who fixed the car up replaced the original tan-colored seats with black ones, and I like this "less tan, more black" interior color scheme much better than how Honda shipped it from the factory.

    Because I was tired of waiting for another non-red interior, white-exterior AP1 S2000, and because I knew I'd be beating up the car with autocross and track use, I was okay with buying a S-title car. Whoever buys this car will be of similar mind. I think I've priced the car very fairly and have taken into account the reduced value of a S-title car, and the fact that the front bumper cover has smacked many cones and been peppered with sand and tire marbles from track duty. The driver's side door also has minor damage that is not visible from more than 15 feet away but is obvious if you are close to the car and looking for it.

    However, as you can tell from the pictures, overall the car looks very good. I'm just being very transparent and honest with my description. This is not a show car and its exterior and interior are not perfect. It has however been modified specifically to make it a reliable and very enjoyable car for road course duty and autocross, and if that's what you want an S2000 for, you will get a ridiculous deal buying this car from me, already ready to go.

    At this time, I'd like to try to find a buyer for the car as it sits with its extensive modifications (see details below), including two sets of wheels and tires: the OEM 16" wheels/all-season tires and the 17" x 9" Enkei PF01 wheels/Hankook R-S3 tires.

    *** CAR IS SOLD ***

    I do have the Colorado title in hand and it is ready to transfer to you. I am in Longmont, CO, which is about an hour north of Denver and an hour south of Fort Collins. Please note that the OEM catalytic convertor and EGR valve/rubber hose that will be necessary for the car to pass emissions are included with the car (along with a complement of other OEM parts that I removed and have been storing for years, just for you).

    If you are not local to Colorado, no worries—I have purchased and sold several cars long-distance and will take the additional time and effort required to have the car transported to you, answer questions about the transfer of title, etc.

    egbeater @ gmail dot com

    VIN: JHMAP11453T007647

    MILEAGE: 134,800 (will go up slightly between now and time of sale)

    DYNO: 228.45 whp, 160.78 wtq

    MOST RECENT LAP TIME (High Plains Raceway), CURRENT 2.2L HIGH C/R ENGINE: 2:08.85 (old Hankook R-S3 tires, HP Plus street pads, April 10 2016)

    BEST LAP TIME (High Plains Raceway), PREVIOUS 2.0L ENGINE : 2:07.1 (Hoosier R6 tires, DTC-60 track pads, Oct 17 2014)

    NOTE: both of the lap times above would be at least a full second faster with a more competent driver than me behind the wheel.

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    TOTAL MODS (no installation labor included): $16,690


    KW Variant 3 coilovers recently dynoed by 3R Automotive as perfect $2600
    Eibach coilover springs (600# F, 500# R) $240
    GT Motoring Challenge delrin offset front upper control arm bushings $175
    Mugen bushings $250
    32mm Cusco front swaybar (380 311 A32) $360
    OEM front sway bar/bushings/brackets from 2006 (NC) Mazda Miata as rear swaybar $50 (used market value)

    TOTAL: $3675


    OEM AP2 (F22C) crankshaft $600 (used market value)
    OEM AP2 (F22C) valve spring retainers (14765-PRB-A01) $4 x 16 = $64
    OEM AP2 (F22C) oil squirters (15280-PCX-010) $14 x 4 = $56
    Mahle Gold series 87mm bore high-C/R 12.5:1 forged pistons (S2K181425X09) $760
    Skunk2 Alpha series rods (306-05-1200) $350
    Fluidampr crank pulley (530601; for increased engine longevity/reliability) $400
    ARP head studs (208-4702) $150
    ACL "Race" rod, main, and thrust bearings $130
    Engine assembly by Chris Mayfield of 3R Automotive (Sept 2015)
    OEM timing belt tensioner rebuilt by Robert Thorne of 3R Automotive (Feb 2016)
    Ballade 70mm throttle body $100
    OEM intake manifold inlet matched to Ballade 70mm throttle body
    Denso Iridium plugs (IK22G) $30
    Canton baffled and extra capacity oil pan (with A/C compressor bracket bosses; the car has working air conditioning!) $436
    Koyo 36mm Hyper V Core radiator (VH081226) $265 + Koyo radiator cap $20
    Mishimoto oil cooler kit (MMOC-S2K-00) with optional 200-degree thermostat $440 + $20
    Hardrace motor mounts $330
    OEM AP2 valve cover (reduced oil splash under cornering loads) $100
    Puffo air intake (saves a lot of weight and dyno proven to make power over the OEM intake system: New Intake prototype - S2KI Honda S2000 Forums - Page 4) $100?
    DIY valve cover venting/catch can (necessary for track duty, can be removed for autocross or street driving)
    Dipstick o-rings replaced
    All VTEC solenoid o-rings replaced (including the $30 Ballade Sports o-ring:
    Forcewerkz 70mm stainless steel single-exit exhaust (with Helmholtz resonator for minimal drone) $550
    PLM header, ceramic coated by Applied Plastics, Wheatridge, CO $500 + $150
    Berk testpipe (OEM catalytic convertor is included for emissions) $100
    newer Interstate Group 51 battery

    TOTAL: $5681


    AEM Infinity 6 EMS (30-7106) $1400
    AEM Infinity P&P harness (30-3508) $320
    Tuning by Chris Mayfield of 3R Automotive (Nov 2015) $1K+
    GM (Continental) flex fuel sensor (13577379) $70
    Russell 6AN to 3/8" quick-disconnect connectors x 2 (644123) $40
    6AN to 5/16" barb adapters (Straight 6AN AN6 An 6 Female to 5 16" 8mm Barb Hose Adapter Fitting Black | eBay) $16
    OEM Subaru STI injectors $200 (used market value)
    Treadstone plug-and-play injector adapter harnesses $45
    Walbro 255LPH fuel pump $90

    TOTAL: $3181


    OEM AP2 transmission (better syncros than AP1) $600 (used market value)
    ACT Prolite lightweight flywheel (600350) $300
    ACT HD pressure plate (H021) $370
    OEM Honda clutch disc (less than 600 miles) 22200-PCX-055 $150
    OEM Honda throwout bearing (22810-PCY-003) and pilot bearing (91006-PCX-008) $140
    OEM fluid-filled rear diff mounts (50730-S2A-023, 50740-S2A-023) replaced $170
    Clutch master cylinder and slave replaced (46920-S2A-003, 46930-S2A-A02) replaced
    Clutch fork retaining spring (22835-PCY-000) replaced $4
    OEM nylon shifter ball replaced/regreased
    Redline synthetic fluid
    Inner axle cup swap performed with Redline synthetic grease ((axle bucket) Inner CV joint swap DIY with pics - S2KI Honda S2000 Forums - Page 8)

    TOTAL: $1734



    Custom fiberglass brake cooling inlets PRICELESS j/k no really, they're awesome
    2.5" ducting $50
    Custom aluminum brake cooling outlets (Aircraft Spruce flanges) $20
    GT Motoring Challenge stainless braided brake lines ($100)
    Many sets of pads... Stoptech Street Performance, Hawk HPS, HP Plus, DTC-60, Cobalt Friction XR, etc. $$$
    Motul RBF600 fluid
    OEM brake master cylinder (46100-S2A-A02) replaced $250
    OEM rotor dust shields removed
    Heatshield wrapped around ball joint boots and tie rod ends
    Includes spare new rear rotors $40

    TOTAL: $460 (not including any brake pads)


    AEM UEGO AFR gauge (30-4110) $170
    SPA digital coolant temp/oil temp combo gauge (with memory and programmable warning lights) $350
    custom GoPro/video cam mount PRICELESS j/k no really, it's awesome
    T1R replica front tow loop $14
    Kenwood CD player with 1/8" aux and USB input
    hardwired telephone cable power cord for Escort Passport radar detector
    auxiliary 12v cigarette lighter outlet in side of center console
    Curt Class 1 tow hitch and four-wire trailer light adapter (useful for towing a mini trailer to transport race tires, fuel, etc to the track, or for a hitch-mount bike rack) $150

    TOTAL: $684

    MOMO Start fiberglass racing seat with Buddy Club Super Low Down mounts/sliders, driver's side (professionally welded and reinforced by Pang) retains use of OEM seat belt (AVAILABLE FOR SALE AT ADDITIONAL COST)


    OEM 16" AP1 wheels with Continental ContiProContact and Falken ZE-912 all-season tires (included with car)
    Enkei PF01 wheels, 17" x 9" +60mm offset, optional satin black finish with 255/40-17 Hankook Ventus R-S3 V2 tires (included with car) PF01 wheels are $1150/set
    McGard spline drive 65357BK lugnuts, hardened black chrome finish $125

    TOTAL: $1275

    TSW Nurburgring wheels, 17" x 9" +63mm offset, gunmetal gray, with BFG R1S 255/40-17 tires (AVAILABLE FOR SALE AT ADDITIONAL COST)
    TSW Nurburgring wheels, 17" x 9" +63mm offset, bronze, wheels only (AVAILABLE FOR SALE AT ADDITIONAL COST)
    Volk Racing RE30 wheels, 18" x 9" +50mm offset, limited edition Magnesium Blue, with very old RE01R tires (AVAILABLE FOR SALE AT ADDITIONAL COST)


    OEM oil pan
    OEM radiator
    OEM AP1 valve cover
    OEM catback exhaust system
    OEM catalytic convertor
    OEM dampers and springs
    OEM rear brake calipers
    OEM swaybars
    OEM intake system/resonator box
    OEM wind deflector (GoPro mount location)

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Dyno readings up here at 5,000 feet aren't directly comparable to dyno results down near sea level, despite applying correction factors. I provided the dyno sheet mainly to show the shape of the torque curve, and to provide evidence that the AEM Infinity EMS HAS been properly tuned to be safe and have a smooth, linear powerband.

    NOTE: The MOMO driver's seat seen in the images below is not included at any of the prices in the first post of this for-sale thread; the car comes with an OEM Honda S2000 black leather driver's seat. The MOMO seat/Buddy Club Super Low Down sliders are available at an additional cost.

    NOTE: Trailer pictured below is not included at any price listed above.

    NOTE: Volk RE30 18" x 9" wheels pictured below are not included at any price listed above.

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      Here is a link to pictures of the two sets of TSW Nurburgring wheels (both 17" x 9" +63mm 5 x 114.3mm) that can be sold with the car or separately: - free image hosting / image upload

      $600 + shipping for the bronze Nurburgring wheels, no tires, for which I have the original TSW boxes and packaging so I can ship them to you properly protected. Three are in near perfect condition (9 out of 10); one wheel has some rock chips in the face. No curb damage, all straight, not bent or cracked. Used on-track for half a season. I have four brand-new and never-used TSW center caps for this wheelset.

      Second set: gunmetal gray Nurburgring wheels in good overall condition for track wheels (8 out of 10); zero curb damage. There are minor scratches and scuffs as well as some brake dust staining (hard to see on gunmetal wheels). The gunmetal Nurburgrings come with 255/40-17 BF Goodrich R1S tires (enough tread left for at least one full track day, possibly two): $750 + shipping

      SHIPPING ESTIMATE: Each wheel inside the original box with packaging is 22 1/2 lbs and 20" x 20" x 11". The cheapest way to ship wheels in boxes is to strap them in pairs and ship them as two packages rather than four (I've checked rates both ways, strapped in twos and individually). Putting the wheel faces inwards (facing each other, in the the middle of the combined two-box package) also provides the best protection against damage during transit.

      So that makes two packages, each 45 lbs and 20" x 20" x 22".

      You can plug these figures in the estimator at (with an origination zip code of 80501) to see how much shipping will be. Your option on how much insurance value to put on the shipments (only coverage for $100 of value per package is included at the base rate).

      For the wheels with BFG R1S tires mounted, I'll have to weigh and measure their overall dimensions to provide shipping quotes.

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        Just drove from Colorado to CA with the M Coupe I bought.

        This seems like a decent buy, sucks about the title. I can say however that the power difference in CO compared to CA is huge lol. Does the ecu need a retune when brought back to CA or is it good to go without it?
        Do you understand?


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          Originally posted by tq3z View Post
          I can say however that the power difference in CO compared to CA is huge lol. Does the ecu need a retune when brought back to CA or is it good to go without it?
          I'm not a tuning expert (that's why I paid a lot of money to have a professional tune the AEM Infinity EMS) but I believe it will run just fine/safely at a lower altitude, but you'll probably gain 4–7% more power to have it retuned at the altitude the car will live at. There is plenty of headroom with the car's current fuel system (Walbro pump, STI injectors) to support increased air density, even aftermarket cams if the new owner wants 15–30 more WHP up top.

          *** CAR IS SOLD AS OF 4/29/16 ***
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