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FS: '95 Miata R K20 Swap *Deviate* (IL)

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  • FS: '95 Miata R K20 Swap *Deviate* (IL)

    FS: '95 Miata R K20 Swap *Deviate* (IL)

    I hate doing this, but Deviate is for sale:


    I bought this K20 swapped Miata in April 2018 for $15,500. Since then I've done two autocrosses, one trackday, and a week at the Tail of the Dragon. I did continue the development and upgrades though. I have added probably 2000 total miles in the past 2 years.

    RedMist Automotive converted Deviate to FlexFuel with an Ethanol sensor wired into the HondaData ECU. After Dyno tuning this package makes 216 HP on 93 and 241 HP with E85 on a Dynojet.

    For better track manners I mounted a set of Toyo RR's, 245/40/15. These are BRAND NEW with <20 miles on them. Basically from the tire shop and gas station a few times. All mounted on 15x10" 949 Racing 6UL's. This is a very agressive wheel and tire package, and has Carbon Fiber fender flares to make them fit.

    The basics:

    The motor has an Endyne ported head, Hytech cams, header, custom Hayward Performance-based intake manifold with bottom-feed throttle body all tuned more for flat torque curve than peak power. Hondata KPro4, 800/500 Xida Big Grip Kit, 15x10 6UL 245/40/15, Stoptech 11” ST42 BBK.

    7qt oil pan. external pump with wet sump system. External pump with two pickups on the pan. Oil pan is extensively baffled specifically for longitudinal orientation. Tuned by Shawn Church and Doug Macmillan (Hondata).

    Hytech built K20 A2 full race engine
    8800rpm redline
    -Custom aluminum oil pan
    -Custom external oil pump
    -Custom Hayward Performance center inlet manifold
    -Custom Hytech coated header
    -Custom Hytech 2.75" exhaust (quiet)
    -Custom Hytech intake
    216whp on 93 pump gas. 241whp on E85
    Hondata K-pro 4 tuned by Hondata
    I will provide Jon at Hytech's personal contact info to the buyer.
    KMiata based conversion

    Gen 2 Xida 800/500 coilovers
    Supermiata billet coaxial shock mounts
    Supermiata sway bars
    Supermiata end links
    Energy urethane bushings
    4.3 Torsen
    15x10 Tungsten 6UL
    245/40/15 Toyo RR's
    6 speed transmission
    Supermiata BP Sport Clutch
    Wilwood 11.75" front brakes
    Setrab oil cooler
    Supermiata Crossflow radiator
    Carbon Miata flares
    R package front lip
    R package rear spoiler
    Matching hard top
    Hard Dog Hard core double diagonal roll bar
    OMP Grip seats
    G Force 5 pt camlock belts
    New OPM 350mm steering wheel
    NRG quick release
    Custom Revlimiter gauge faces
    Additional Orange Lightweight Top (available for purchase)
    Corner balanced with my 220lbs and 1/2 tank to 2400 lbs (with the heavier top)

    Added by the previous owner, after purchasing from 949Racing:
    Moroso coolant overflow tank
    MiataRoadster tall, angled shifter
    Valve cover gasket
    VTEC solenoid gasket
    Removeable "Laguna" pipe
    Motorcraft tranny fluid change

    I suspect I'm forgetting some details. Available in East Dundee, IL. Delivery can be arranged and negotiated. loudes13 at yahoo or 2247602565

    Up in the air on the rack:

    Walk around video:

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    Asking price?


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      You might be sorry to see that one go. Such a cool car. Good luck with the sale.