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1.6L Spec Miata SoCaL

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  • 1.6L Spec Miata SoCaL

    For sale is 1993 Spec Miata located in Southern California. It was raced in the 2018/2019 season with NASA SoCal. It won 8 out of 10 regional races in 2018.
    The car was dynoed at autoclub speedway by NASA. I can provide the dyno sheet. 118hp and 101tq.

    Asking $11,500

    Whats included in the price: The car and an extra set of rims/tires (used Toyo RR's on all rims).

    Reason for selling: I purchased a house late 2018 and want to spend some money fixing it up.

    The car:
    -Drago Motor and transmission with 2 season on it (2018/2019). I dont have specifics. The previous owner had the work done and did one race in 2015. I bought the car at the end of 2017.
    -Drago radiator enables racing in socal heat possible.
    -I installed a schroth harness expiration 2021 and also added a seat back brace to pass 2018 tech.
    -Doornet replaced 2019.
    -Car was repainted in 2015 by previous owner.

    Additional Comments:
    -During a season I only use 1 set of front brake pads. The rears will likely make it to 2020 or longer.
    -I replaced the front hubs at the start of 2018 and have had no issues since.

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    This is a good car for someone. I hope it stays in SoCal. Good luck with the sale.


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      This is a really good car in the right hands. Good luck with the sale!


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        Car was sold to a young new racer moving up from karting. It will stay in SoCal and we should see it perhaps mid-year 2020 if all goes according to plan.


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          It's going to a Teen Mazda Challenge driver who will drive it after he turns 13. The Teen Mazda Challenge is working!