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99 10AE Miata, Street Legal SPM, Add Cage and Go SPM Racing (BFW Everything!!!)

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  • 99 10AE Miata, Street Legal SPM, Add Cage and Go SPM Racing (BFW Everything!!!)

    Hey Folks... The time has come for me to move this project down the road. This is an extremely well sorted car. This is car is built to SPM S2 specs and it street legal ready (Currently registered Non-Op so I don't have to pay registration). My life priorities have changed and I simply don't use this the way it was meant to be used, it's time for some one else to enjoy it. I cannot say enough about this car, other then radiator, this car has the best of every part you can get for every slot. It's just a roll cage and a front facia away from being SPM ready. It has a roll bar in it that would easily fund a roll cage if you sold it, and I have an extra bumper to use for an SPM nose. I was considering parting it out, so please look at the spread sheet at the link below for a list of what is done to the car.

    If some one is interested, I will spend a number of days in the garage with the buyer to run through the car in it's entirety. This is not a stock car, but it was not built by a moron. It has the stock ecu with VVTuner in the car as a redundant ECU setup so that if there are issues with the ms3 setup, the car still can drive and finish a track day. I poured tons of effort and brain work into this car... I am confident that other then buying a car directly from Emilio, you won't find a better version of this streetable track car formula pre-built.

    Price is $10k OBO.
    Call/TXT or Email: [email protected] - 949.981.2316

    If you buy it for my asking price, I will also include a still current sparco racing suit, bell helmet, neksgen HNRS, a* Gloves, Nomex things, cool shirt setup and an iron canyon motorsports alignment system.

    1) 949 BGK Suspension (gen 2 xida, racing beat front sway, msm rear sway, full poly bushings, elbj's, delrin upper inner, depowered rack)
    2) Full Blackbird Fabworx Catalog of products: BFW GT3 6 Point Roll Bar, Custom BFW Seat and Harness Mounts, BFW Toe Hooks, BFW Spoiler, BFW FE Mounts, BFW 2.25 Exhaust, BFW Depowered Steering Rack, ETC ETC ETC
    3) VVT Motor, MS Labs MS3 Basic ECU, Makes just over SPM power figures on CA 91, Square Top, 2.25" Exhaust with single cell and racing cat (vband), Racing Beat Header, K/N Intake (Harness Extension moves ECU to passenger airbag area, stock ecu left in place with VVTuner wired in for redundancy)
    4) Cobra Evo Full Containment Driver Seat, Cobra Suzuka Passenger Seat, Schroth Harnesses, Coolshirt System
    5) Ultralight Hardtop Racing Skin
    6) Sport Brakes, Carbotech XP12 F, XP10 R, SS Lines, singular brake spats and brake ducting
    7) Lots of very well built custom touches all over the car.
    8) way way way more mods to list... the only thing this car has that isn't a part you want is an aluminum radiator, a roll cage and a turbo. If it's a thing and it's available for this car, this car likely has it.

    Build Thread showing some of the build. There is a lot of stuff not in here as I posted updates infrequently and added way more and never continued the build thread. I'll take more photos

    Spreadsheet with Parts/Upgrades - Most Included, I'm sure there is more I forgot.

    Again, A lot of upgrades continued after these photos, Hardtop is now a racing skin instead of oem and wheels are 15x9 anthracite, but you get the general idea of what the car looks like
    BFW @ MRLS-1 by Eerock Bruner, on Flickr

    BFW @ MRLS-5 by Eerock Bruner, on Flickr
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    Complete with the vintange TrackHQ sticker! Sorry to see you selling it, but good luck with the sale.


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      That is a beautiful car!
      To the right of The Sheriff. Isn't everyone?


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        It also drives beautifully, Erik did a great job setting this one up, whoever ends up buying this car is going to be very happy.

        Blackbird Fabworx - Quality Performance Fabrication


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          Any interior or engine shots we can see?


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            Post in SPM fb group. Logical starting point for an S2 caged build.

            Aside from their cost I never understood why people race them.
            But obviously I just dont get it. -fatbillybob


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              Sale pending.


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                I remember seeing this car for sale before you picked it up... unless that was you that had it for sale in 2012 or so?
                Hope the new owner enjoys it as much as you did!


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                  Originally posted by Schmoe Money View Post
                  I remember seeing this car for sale before you picked it up... unless that was you that had it for sale in 2012 or so?
                  Hope the new owner enjoys it as much as you did!
                  2012 sounds about right. I bought it from a guy in carlsbad if I recall correctly. I think I paid something like 4k for it back then. I think it retrospect I should have been more patient and overpaid, I ended up getting decent life out of the original motor but it was a burner. The original trans was stingy with it's 4/5 shifts. Now, every single part of the car has been replaced save the shell and carpet.

                  thanks for the compliments. I loved this car, I'm already sad to see it go, but its' going to sit in my garage for another 2 years before I use it in earnest. By that time it will cost me 1500 dollars to go through it and replace all the seals and potentially rebuild the suspension. Time to get it go and move onto another car/platform when I get the itch again.


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                    Car is officially sold and on it's way to it's new home in north carolina. I'm told it will be on track before the end of the month.