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Looking for buyer of enclosed trailer

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  • Looking for buyer of enclosed trailer

    Sold a 20' Interstate enclosed trailer to a member on here a few years ago. Guess you never transferred it into your name, cuz I have a toll payment from SF to send to you LOL
    License number is 4LH1579. I met you in Temecula for delivery. Trailer was being towed by a nice Dodge Ram PU
    Guess I will report it stolen, if I still "own it" according to the DMV :-)
    Send me a PM please

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    You can file a document of non-responsibility I think.....
    To the right of The Sheriff. Isn't everyone?


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      Yes, I am super diligent about doing that. Not sure why the DMV records didn't get updated. I have explained the situation to the Bay Area Transit but they are going to go after their $21 no matter how much it costs them LOL


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        If anyone knows the owner of this red Ram with 3 lights on the front, please have them PM me. Hate to report the trailer as stolen to locate them. The $21 toll is not the issue here. Getting this out of my name is. I just filled a notice of non-responsibility with the DMV, but had no info to provide for the new owner sections.
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