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    Thirty-three codes? How very BMW of a Corvette!


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      battery acid drip is a common issue in a C5, surprised they never fixed it.
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        Ouch . . .


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          Yep battery acid is a common issue on the C5. Glad you got a PPI done. Smart move.
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            Originally posted by bellwilliam View Post
            battery acid drip is a common issue in a C5, surprised they never fixed it.

            yes but the fix was use AGM big deal. Also the leaks rarely caused big damage. But yes potential damage and mostly small damage to some wires over PCM. Since yous till got days on the car I would use my OBD tester to reset codes then see how many come back as you drive the car. There can be all kinds of reasons for codes in an unknown history car. Any real faults will come back within a short period of time.


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              As stated above we decided to start the return process of this car. I called on Tuesday expecting some push back and the only words spoken by the Carvana rep was "what time would you like it picked up tomorrow?"
              Today right at the appointment time another yep showed up in an Uber ride asked me a few questions and drove the car away.
              Refund is supposed to be processed within 7-days. If processed on time we will probably choose another vehicle through them.
              Stay tuned......


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                I heard the return process was pretty easy.

                Not to threadjack, but since it's basically about "Carvana", figured I'd share my experience thus far.
                I'm on day like, 25 of my Carvana purchase. They finally got the POA and VIN inspection paperwork and submitted my registration paperwork.

                But, I'm loving my new-to-me tow rig: Click image for larger version

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