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Any people have EXP on on Unlocking Iphone ?

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  • Any people have EXP on on Unlocking Iphone ?

    Just loose my Self phone....... Been Eye on Iphone for pretty long time now. but I am happy with my Current number and phone service(Tmobil). just want to ask had any one have EXP on how to unlock Iphone? or similar exp


    Well been reseach for a while now. the only way to unlock your iphone now (meaning the newest version) is use So call TurboSIM...
    here are few link I found\

    hope that will help some other people
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    I have a friend thats using the hacked iphone with Tmobile. I don't heard any complaints from him. He only says how much he like it. He said the only bad thing is that you can not update the latest firmware from Apple. :donno:

    I'm sure you probably know you can keep the same number when you transfer phone companies now right. If your contract is up, you can always move your number to ATT. Oh, I c you did say you like T Mobile. my bad.


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      I also have a friend using an unlocked Iphone but he bought it in Thailand already unlocked.
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