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  • New Member Introductions

    Looks like we have a few newer people around here. We are a somewhat smaller forum here and most of us have met each other at the track in person. It is a nice little community here.

    It would be great if some of the newer people (and people who have been around for a while as well) would introduce yourself and tell us something about you, your car(s), track experience, and anything else of interest. A picture of you and/or your car is also nice.

    Looking forward to meeting you all!

    About Me:

    Aaron Kupferman
    Sherman Oaks, California

    2002 Audi TT
    APR Chip (255 horses), 3" Down Pipe, stock suspension (springs and struts) except for a rear sway bar, front bushings, and camber plates so I don't fry the outsides of my tires. I swap out my street pads for Hawk Blues on the track.
    NT-01's on lightweight track wheels.

    Have probably spent about 15 days on the track over the last year.
    Most on Streets of Willow Springs, Willow Springs Big Track, and California Speedway Interior Course. Loved the two days I recently spent at Laguna Seca.

    Videos of lots of my track days here.

    I work in the motion picture industry doing Digital Visual Effects for feature films and commercials. I have worked on Pan's Labyrinth, Night at the Museum, Evan Almighty, and am just finishing up Alvin and the Chipmunks as a Lead Compositor. Look for my name in the credits. Check out my website for some of my work.

    I am also a photographer and have recently been getting more into automotive photography again. Recently I have had a chance to shoot the Laguna Seca ALMS races with media credentials. I had a blast and got some great shots. Check them out here.

    I recently started a Track Photography business - Motorsport Lens. I don't take the normal "track day photos" that show a car that looks like it is parked on the race track, I use panning techniques and an artistic eye to portray the car in motion. Please take a look at the Portfolio section of Motorsport Lens for samples.

    My Car

    Laguna Seca ALMS

    Me shooting landscapes in the Sierras
    Aaron Kupferman | 2007 BMW Z4 M Coupe | Visual Effects Electric Reality | Motorsports Photography Motorsport Lens | Other Photography

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      New Member Introductions

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      Aaron Kupferman | 2007 BMW Z4 M Coupe | Visual Effects Electric Reality | Motorsports Photography Motorsport Lens | Other Photography


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        good idea - stickied.

        Name: AJ Latteri
        Home: Laguna Hills, CA
        Car: 06 Lotus Exige, 05 Toyota Tundra
        Experience: HPDEs at WSIR, CSW infield and Roval, SOW, BW, Laguna Seca(in a week), Jim Hall Karting schools.
        Most feared track: WSIR
        Favorite tracks: all of them.

        I've been tracking on and off for...I guess about 7 years I feel old, haha. I started when I was 16 in my Ford Contour SVT, then a modded Audi TT 225, then a turbo Miata, now the Lotus. I owe my fascination with cars to my dad who himself raced in skip barber pro dodge formula series for years, karts, and Russel Star Mazdas. Hopefully one day I plan to compete in some form of wheel to wheel racing..

        heres one of my pops and I.
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        AJ - Akua Solutions - #128 Lotus Exige - MonkeyWrench Racing - Carbonetic - Innovative Mounts - Toyo Tires - JRZ Suspension - TW Research Development


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          Name: Alex Fruehsamer
          Home: Aptos, CA
          Cars: 2004 Toyota Tacoma, 1990 Mazda MX-6 GT
          Home Track: Sears Point
          Experience: Numerous HPDEs at Streets, Laguna, Buttonwillow, Cali Roval, Sears Point.
          Favorite Corner: T6 at Sears Point.

          My first car:

          "The crashes people remember, but drivers remember the near misses" -Mario Andretti


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            Great idea Aaron!

            My name is Manly. Welcome to trackHQ. Just another bloke that got bitten by the track bug. I'm pretty new to the track scene. Only started tracking more seriously since 2006 after I got the Lotus Elise in October of 2005. I used to drive a MR2 spyder before the Elise. Track that a couple times back in 2003 at SOW. I started this site six months ago hoping to meet more track whores to share videos just because I enjoy watching myself from someone else's camera. And at the same time, I was trying to learn more about the sport, reading up from lots of different sites on the net. So, I figure it might be a good idea to have a more convenient place to share info about our sport regardless of what you drive.

            Name: Manly Kao
            Home: Arcadia, CA
            Car: 05 Lotus Elise
            Experience: HPDEs at WSIR, CSW infield and Roval, SOW, HTM CW, BW #13, Laguna Seca
            Most feared track: WSIR
            Favorite tracks: all of them.

            Cork Screw @ laguna Seca


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              Name: JAY HOU
              Home: Pasadena CA
              Car: 1987 RX-7(SCCA ITE) in process of reengineering.1963 Lotus 7,13BRotary
              Experience:From 2001-HPDE SOW,WSIR.BW.CSW infiled.LagunSeca.SCCAClub Racing 2004.CSCC Solo2.From2001-current.Some Exp on Shifter kart
              Favorite tracks: all of them.

              Started HPDE in 2000 with Speed Trail USA.With my daily driver 1993 LEXUS GS 300(AT) . 2001, Bought a 1987 RX-7 TII, Star Solo2 and HPDE. Blow the Engine At stubid Dyno guy at JUN USA.Decide to build a complete Race car SCCA ITE rule.
              2002-2003Feb,Carless,Co driving and seting up Solo2 cars.Miatas,M3
              2004.Get Regional Club racing License and race in CSCC.Solo2
              2005.HPDE.Solo2.Super Street Time Attack.KART
              2006.HPDE.Rotary Lotus. Solo2. KART.Super Street Time Attack.
              2007.HPDE,Solo2,Drift.Rotary Lotus.
              2008.HPDE,Redline Time attack. Rotary lotus

              Quick machine spec. 1987 RX-7
              Engine 13BPP(NA) [email protected]
              Weight 2380LB(with Driver)
              Tires Nitto NT01

              1963 Rotary super 7
              Engine 13B [email protected]
              Weight 1400LB(with driver)
              Tire Nitto NT01
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                  Name: Zack Reid
                  Home: Oak Glen (Yucaipa), CA
                  Car: 06 Mazda MX5 Miata, 00 Toyota Tacoma
                  Experience: HPDEs at Big Willow, Streets of Willow, CalSpeedway Infield, ButtonWillow, Spring Mountain, Laguna Seca (soon). Drag Racing at LACR, CalSpeedway, Pomona, Rialto 1/8-mile. One Karting event at Moran (more to come!).
                  Most feared track: Big Willow
                  Favorite tracks: All except CSW.

                  My first car was an '85 Mustang 5.0 so drag racing was my start. I graduated to HPDE's about 6 years ago with a Trans-Am then moved up to a Corvette Z06. I bought a house and had to sell the Vette, but the track bug still bit so I got a Scion tC and a CBR600 to hold me over until the Miata (both gone now). It's a great hobby but just that... I don't intend to race or push too hard... just to have fun. I also drive Roy Sakioka's black Elise every time we meet and can be seen tracking in my buddies' 350Zs. Saving up for a 2009/10 Camaro and another sportbike, but will keep the Miata as a track toy!

                  Pictures of cars and one of me with Tarzan attached...


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                    I only have one post here so far, but I might as well contribute here.

                    Name: Mike
                    Home: San Francisco and Reno
                    Car: 05 Lotus Elise with roll cage, etc. and a modified 05 Noble M400.
                    Track experience: Started in 2005 and have about a dozen HPDEs in all from TH, BW, Laguna, and Reno-Fernley.
                    Favorite track: Reno-Fernley by far.

                    I'm pretty new to the sport and have really enjoyed the improvement I get every time I go out. I usually track with my nephew who drives my Elise and is, fortunately, a better driver than me. Even in a 500+ bhp Noble, it's a challenge to get around his Elise at Reno-Fernley. For anyone who hasn't driven that track, the full course, minus the front straight, is almost like an autocross.

                    Here's a video from 2006 in my then underpowered Noble (was at 306rwhp) at Laguna Seca, initially following my yellow Elise:
                    2005 Noble M400, upgraded to 500+ hp.
                    2005 Elise S2 SCCA T2 legal


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                      Name: Charles Ng
                      Home: San Francisco
                      Car: 99 NB Miata, 92 240SX(located in LA, driven it less than 10 times since buying)
                      Specialty: Mountain Racing, Drifting, Zero Counter technique.
                      Track experience: Formerly a mountain racer in Hong Kong, was being introduced to track in 2004 first started in Infineon Raceway and attended on average 5-6 track days each following year including Laguna Seca, Buttonwillow, Thunderhill, Streets of Willows, and Horsethief miles. Attended tracks out side of the US including Zhuhai International Circuit, China and Bira International Circuit, Thailand.
                      Racing Experience: NASA Time Trial E class 3 times first place. 4 hour Endurance Race in Bira International Circuit, Thailand.
                      Favorite track: Some hidden mountain passage in northern california and Buttonwillow Raceway.
                      Inspiration/hero: Keiichi Tsuchiya, Ayrton Senna

                      Everyone who knows me would know that I used to get black flagged and frowned at by track marshalls because I did a lot of drifting on track. Now things have changed in SV, they allow a separate drift session, woohoo! Besides drifting, I also like to run time trial, or to drive other ppl's car to compare driving techniques. Most important of all, I have my great buddies at the track kickin it with me, thanks to all and I hope to see you guys soon again! Happy Motoring!
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                      Charles K. Ng

                      Professional Racing Page:

                      Driving Videos:

                      Facebook Fan Page:


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                        Name: Paul Watson
                        Home: Orange County CA
                        Car: 91 300ZX Converted to TT
                        Track experience: Various AutoX courses, Big Willow, Streets of Willow, Cal Speedway infield, Z- Car track events, Participated in some SCCA Solo 2 events, Provided passenger seat instruction on the C5 track at GM’s Auto shows in Motion, Attended the BMW M5 and Z4 Performance driving school in Detroit.

                        Favorite track: WSIR Big Track

                        I’ve been born into cars since day one; the apple did not fall far from the tree. Purchased the Z in 2001, spun a rod bearing in 2003 and swapped in a TT motor with the help of my father at home. Did I mention we did the swap on a residential street with an 80 gallon air compressor? Started shagging cones at ride and drive events nationwide for various automotive manufactures back 2002, then off to the performance driving schools and shortly after that I was the Crew Chief a pro drift team for about a year and a half. Now I’m in automotive advertising and making HPDE’s when the time and costs permit. Please introduce yourself when you see me!

                        1991 300ZX TwinTurbo 473rwhp RETIRED
                        1995 CBR900RR RETIRED
                        1991 NSX coupe

                        Photobucket link to MASSIVE 300zx Partout. If theres a Photo, it's still for sale!


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                          Name: YuYen Huang
                          Home: Taiwan
                          Car: Rental Elise
                          Experience: Gran Turismo 4
                          Jaku 峠


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                            OK, bout time I leave my info:

                            Name: John Cherniack
                            Home: Venice Beach
                            Car: 1999 Carrera 2 POC MI/R5
                            Track Experience: Licensed in POC STS and TT. POC Cup Racing school next month. Skip Barber Formula School. 2007 POC STS Winner. POC Time Trials. 2.5 years of track experience on 4 wheels, 2 years previous on 2 wheels. Instructor with POC and Speedventures.
                            Favorite Track: Laguna Seca

                            Track addiction started on 2 wheels where I planned to race after college. Ended up being hit by a car my last year of school, woke up in the hospital, and never could ride as hard. During my injuries, I got my fix driving cars more often than bikes, and eventually became faster on 4 wheels in my miata. Currently working towards my Cup License with POC and doing my first wheel to wheel race on Dec 2 at then end of the school weekend.

                            Here is some pictures, Me with the car at CA speedway, Willow Springs, Streets of Willow, and my miata at thunderhill which some of you have heard me talk about but have never seen because I sold it over a year ago.
                            #522 996 Spec / GTS3
                            JC3D // Racecars and Keyframes // 996 Spec


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                              Name: Steve Levin
                              Age: Either born in the Middle Ages or just middle aged, I'm not sure
                              Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA
                              most often found: Thunderhill, Buttonwillow, WSIR Big Track
                              sometimes found: Reno-Fernley, Laguna Seca
                              car: Chrysler 300 SRT-8 "Silver Bulldozer"

                              I just started getting into this a few months ago, and am having a blast! You'll find me in the slower groups right now, that's for sure!

                              The 'dozer:

                              The most fun car I've driven yet:

                              Updated with an even more fun car! (my racecar, purchased in Feb 08)

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