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  • Originally posted by TraderGuy View Post
    Since I've started a thread, I probably should introduce myself. Better late than never.

    I've been a lurker for years, live in the Northeast and have ADD when it comes to my fun car. Currently own a 14 Z51 Corvette. Past toys include an Audi TTRS, Cayman, couple of S2000s, Elise, couple of E46 M3s, a number of Corvettes, a 911, etc. One thing I have never owned is a Miata. I may fix that soon, I really like the ND. I get to the track five or six times a year, and do the occasional autocross. This year I'm starting to coach with the Street Survival Organization.

    I'll try and be more active in the future, wish there was a larger eastern contingent. Sounds like you left coast guys are having lots of fun.

    Congratulations. You're now an official East Coast ambassador. Tell all your track buddies. This site is far superior to the HPDRE thing on Facebook. The material we discuss here is archived and searchable. And therefore useful.


    • Hey guys,

      I set myself up under our company name TrackArmour. We specialize in providing racers with a temporary clear film solution over the front end and fenders, so they can ditch the blue painters tape you see so many commonly use on the track.
      It is meant to be applied at the track for a full day of racing and then quickly removed after your event. It is safe on clear bras and meant to be a better solution than blue painters tape or other oddities people use to temporarily protect their cars paint at the track.

      I myself am heavily involved in the track community attending Speedventures, Speeddistrict, La Trackday, and a few others. Our R&D car is a 2012 Nissan 370Z. Mods include:

      Stillen G3 CAI
      Fast Intentions CBE
      EcuTek Software Upgrade
      KW V3 Coilvoers (corner balanced)
      SPL Control Arms
      Vossen CVT Wheels
      Seibon CF Hood

      We hope to not only become a part of your community and get to know some more racers, but also help bring some added value to you during your visits to the track.

      Please reach out to me directly for more TrackArmour information or follow us on Instagram for great racing tips, online content, Group Canyon runs and other great events. I hope we get to meet each and every one of you.

      Instagram - @trackarmour


      [email protected]


      • Hi All,

        Looking to get more into track work, but balancing a busy job, two toddlers, and a wife that isn’t into racing. I’ve got two 911s - an 87 with mild DE mods, and a very slightly modified 2012. I’ve owned two Miatas in the past though and was potentially looking at them to get into DE or TT in a more economical way.

        Working on how to post pics!
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        • How do I get them to automatically show?


          • Welcome Maxhouse97. Where are you located? Preferred tracks?

            I have several guys at my local Cars & Coffee who have been tracking Porsches and Vettes who are looking at Miata race cars due to expense. Especially the expense of wrecking.

            Not sure what's going on with the pic posting, maybe our fearless leader Brenda has an answer.
            99 Mazda Miata SuperMiata #515 - AKA Sparky SOLD
            '91 Mariner Blue Miata project AKA Napoleon


            • Welcome Maxhouse97! Nice looking Carrera, I've got an 86 but cabrio so never gets used for events even though I did put a bolt in bar in it.


              • I’m in Cincinnati - Mid-Ohio is my track, although I have run at VIR a couple of times.


                • Originally posted by Maxhouse97 View Post
                  I’m in Cincinnati - Mid-Ohio is my track, although I have run at VIR a couple of times.
                  Welcome! I'm in Cali and raced mid-o a few times. I love that track especially all the weird bumps and concrete patches like the last sweeper and in my car some of the track is blind on the backside and the offcamber over the hill after China beach so it adds to the character and the challenge. What a fun track!


                  • Name: David
                    Home: Los Angeles
                    Car: nb2 miata, 981 Cayman S
                    Experience: hpde
                    Favorite tracks: buttonwillow, sow

                    I started tracking years ago with a modded Evo IX. Even as I got faster, it seemed like it was the car doing an amazing job and not my driving skills. I was learning bad habits and relying on the grip and power to mask my mistakes.

                    I realized I did it backwards and after driving the Evo for many years, I sold it and bought a stock miata recently. Huge difference obviously driving a momentum car and although I feel like I'm starting from square one, it's a fun challenge.



                    • Welcome to the tribe David. You made the right choice. When you are ready, hire a driving coach for a day. You will learn more in a day with a good coach than in a year driving around by yourself. Either way, get a predictive lap timer in the car. Single most useful tool for driver development.

                      Aside from their cost I never understood why people race them.
                      But obviously I just dont get it. -fatbillybob


                      • Welcome David!

                        I bet the wallet also appreciates the cost reduction in track day wear and tear items!

                        Maybe we can draft each other one of these days?
                        Wanna-B-Spec Yaris


                        • Thanks for the welcome! I am slowly adding mods with supermiata in mind in the distant future and yes my wallet is really appreciating the cost reduction.

                          Good idea on hiring a coach and I plan to doing so soon. I am about 15s off my pace at BW in my Evo and know there is a lot of time to gain in the miata. I went to BW recently and will post a video in separate thread asking for critiques.


                          • Name: Tony
                            Home: Irvine, CA
                            Car: '99 E36 328is
                            Experience: Advanced
                            Occupation: Quality Assurance / Order Processing
                            Favorite tracks: I like them all, but #13cw is the measuring stick.... amiright?!

                            Figured I would introduce myself, some may know me, long time lurker, but always had a difficult time getting to HPDE events in my first 30 years. I have been working on my E36 project for nearly 2 years, and was able to finally compete in a time attack event this past weekend w/ Speed Ventures @ BRP (Bimmer Challenge). Goal is have a competitive GTA RWD Street car eventually, but that is a long way off.

                            Hoping to continue learning from everyone here. Some pics of the car in its current state is in order I suppose.


                            • I would argue WSIR or MRLS are better measuring yard sticks, at least from the perspective of evaluating new car model performance since magazines don't do CW13 much.
                              To the right of The Sheriff. Isn't everyone?


                              • I meant measuring stick for a competent competitor, which id like to become. I have only driven half the tracks in so cal, but very much looking forward to MRLS, or soon to be LSR again?