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  • Welcome, Han.


    • Originally posted by ucfbrett View Post
      Welcome, Han.
      VA(15) STI/FRS


      • New to trackhq,
        Norm, from Glendora,Ca,
        Involved in road racing since the late 80's, started in FV's, then to Datsun 510, A Sedan Camaro, vintage BP corvette, spec Miata, FF not on that order. Most interesting race was the Downtown Los Angeles vintage race, good tomes. Great site, thank you for the add.


        • Welcome, Norm. Post some photos of your old 510!


          • Vintage vette

            Here is the BP vintage corvetteClick image for larger version

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            • Accidentally put an old picture of the ITA crx also. Still looking for the 510 pictures.


              • Name: Gabe
                Home: Oakland, CA
                Occupation: Senior Director of Business Operations and Solutions Architect
                Favorite Track: Thunderhill East CCW Cyclone configuration.
                Car: 2016 Ford Focus RS -- the car is basically completely stock with the exception of a short shift kit and stainless brake lines.

                I've got racing in my blood, my dad has been racing vintage for about 15 years (1968 Alfa Romeo GTA and 1958 Cooper Formula Junior). I only just started doing HPDE events about 6 months ago when I got my RS. Really enjoying it so far, I'm completely hooked. Turns out I'm pretty good at it too (for a relative noob), which certainly makes it more fun. So far I've run at Thunderhill West, Thunderhill East (Bypass), Thunderhill East (Cyclone), and Sonoma. Heading down to Buttonwillow next weekend and looking forward to Laguna Seca in the near future.

                Great to meet everyone!

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                • I just bought my wife a 2017 RS of exactly the same color. It is a very impressive car.

                  How does yours handle 30 minute sessions on track?
                  To the right of The Sheriff. Isn't everyone?


                  • Originally posted by Olitho View Post
                    I just bought my wife a 2017 RS of exactly the same color. It is a very impressive car.

                    How does yours handle 30 minute sessions on track?
                    So far it does great. I've only had the infamous RDU shut-down issue happen twice in 25ish sessions. Other than that it's a really impressive machine.


                    • I've been lurking for a while, thought I would out myself. Have owned Alfas since childhood (well into my 50's now) and now vintage race a 1965 Alfa Giulia Sprint GT. Have done a couple Lemons/Chump races with Track HQ member, CraZee. Met him at the Coronado vintage races after we had a great track battle. Autocross a Subaru BRZ also have 1969 Alfa Spider street car. Sadly, I have never owned a Miata which means I will probably get kicked off this forum.


                      • Welcome,
                        It's never too late to own a Miata!


                        • Me @ RA, in front of my car.

                          Click image for larger version

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                          Yer pal,


                          • Hello , new here . I've done a few track days so far in my friends e36 at Summit Point. Definitely want to get more into it.

                            I currently DD a 2017 Mustang GT that I don't want to take on the track yet , so I am searching for a dedicated track car . The answer of course is Miata . I'm still not convinced 100% I want a Miata though and am looking at possibly a SN95 or S197 Mustang for track use.

                            I figure HPDE is about seat time and maximizing the platform you brought.

                            IMG23442 by Steve, on Flickr

                            Also a pretty avid sim driver (Project Cars on my PC) I have iRacing , but my schedule does not really allow me to run online enough for it to be worth it.
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                            • Welcome, Angst.


                              • New Guy from Connecticut

                                Since I've started a thread, I probably should introduce myself. Better late than never.

                                I've been a lurker for years, live in the Northeast and have ADD when it comes to my fun car. Currently own a 14 Z51 Corvette. Past toys include an Audi TTRS, Cayman, couple of S2000s, Elise, couple of E46 M3s, a number of Corvettes, a 911, etc. One thing I have never owned is a Miata. I may fix that soon, I really like the ND. I get to the track five or six times a year, and do the occasional autocross. This year I'm starting to coach with the Street Survival Organization.

                                I'll try and be more active in the future, wish there was a larger eastern contingent. Sounds like you left coast guys are having lots of fun.