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  • Originally posted by scarsofcarma View Post
    Welcome Dan, nice Miata builds! Will you bring it to Mazda's @ Laguna Seca next month?
    Car probably won't make it, but I'll be there driving in vendor groups for 949.

    Originally posted by Red_5 View Post
    Welcome Dan. Points build 99/00 is the way to go. Good luck!
    Thanks! I'll need the luck. Showing up with only a brief peak at the track and a 50% new car.


    • Dan:

      Cool. Welcome to 949.
      To the right of The Sheriff. Isn't everyone?


      • Welcome howard! Can you tell me how to take that uphil left turn after china beach at Mid-O? It is offcamber and I can't find a comfortable line there. All I can do there is coast over the hill. It takes forever on the downhill before I can be fully on gas before the next right. Been there only once in mixed conditions. I will be there in a few days again.


        • I've lurked on and off here for a while and since I started posting recently, I'm here to introduce myself. I did my first ever track driving back in 2001 at Sear's Point aka Sonoma Raceway and then did nothing until 2009. It was in 2009 driving my mild pro touring Camaro (first time using my own car) that I really got bit by the bug! Since then I've regularly tracked my car except for downtime to install upgrades.

          I've listed all the modifications to my 1968 pro touring Camaro nicknamed Red Apex on my blog.

          As you might be able to tell from that pic, I've been competing in the Optima Ultimate Streetcar series and even got the invite to the year end invitational after SEMA this past year. I've dabbled in NASA time trials too.

          I've run my 68 Camaro on the following tracks so far:
          • Streets of Willow Springs
          • Willow Springs
          • Buttonwillow
          • Auto Club Speedway (ACS) infield
          • ACS Roval
          • Las Vegas Motor Speedway outside road course
          • Laguna Seca
          • Thunderhill
          • Circuit of the Americas

          I've also really caught the autocross bug in the last 18 months so I've been spending a bit more time autocrossing than hitting the road courses but I still like to do both.

          Finally, I've launched a blog focused on grassroots autocross and track cars, events, and drivers. Future plans include driving in a Lemons race and a Chumpcar race and possibly trying a VARA race with my Camaro.

          In closing here is a video of my best run from each driving segment at the 2016 OUSCI at LVMS (the road course is the last item shown). If you want to skip the autocross and speed stop go to 1:39.
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          • I just love what pro-touring mods have done for early muscle cars. Cool stuff, Chad. Welcome to


            • Welcome Chad, you are the perfect new member to TrackHQ.
              To the right of The Sheriff. Isn't everyone?


              • Originally posted by ucfbrett View Post
                I just love what pro-touring mods have done for early muscle cars. Cool stuff, Chad. Welcome to
                You and me both. I love all the suspension goodies available for the old muscle nowadays. Thanks for the welcome!

                Originally posted by Olitho View Post
                Welcome Chad, you are the perfect new member to TrackHQ.
                Thanks! Glad to be here.


                • Welcome Chad! Good to see someone else with an older car here.


                  • Introduction

                    Robburgoon asked me to post an introduction.

                    I've racing a little over 30 years now; I started with motorcycle at Willow Springs and Riverside racing Honda 125cc GP bikes and rode TZ250 GP bike once or twice. Switched to SCCA in 1990 running Forumla Vee, Datsun 1200, Showroom Stock Miata, various IT cars and D-Sports Racer.

                    (Edit) I almost forgot for several years I co-organized a stage rally (Seed 9 Rally) which ran on the Gravel roads just outside of Good Springs NV.

                    Switched to vintage in 2009 (I think) running with Vintage Auto Racing Association (VARA).

                    Currently I run a 1987 Novakar Formula 500 at local (Las Vegas Region SCCA) autocross. I run the Datsun 1200 at VARA races and various track days, mostly PCA at Spring Mountian.

                    Some of you have had me as an instructor at PCA events. Over the years I've instructed at SCCA, PCA, Racer Factory, NSXPO, Viper Club, MFest and done some manufacturer events with GM, Ford and Mercedes.

                    The F500 is a 750lb car with 90hp (100hp Rotax waiting to be installed this summer)

                    The 1200 is 1656lb car belting out a whooping 105 Whp; while this is rather pathetic it's over double of what they were stock (40whp) The original 1171cc was making 80whp at 8200 RPMs, the car has what I laughing call the big block (1508cc) which due to all that extra torque only needs to be revved to 8000 (poor little push rod motor). The car is pretty much standard issue racing Datsun stuff 280ZX brakes, Koni dampers, LSD, Nissan completion springs (1200s are leaf spring beam axle rear) close ratio box. The only thing I've done outside the norm is I'm running 39mm Keihin FCR Flat Slide carbs rather than the usually Weber DCOE.

                    While the lap times are not exactly earth shattering I manage to run the top 5 overall at vintage events. On SMMRs 3.4 Mansel C (3.4 with chicane) layout driving the wheels off it the best I've managed is a 2:54.8 and that was with a big draft up the hill to turn 4. VARA ran the Hunt A course a couple of years ago and I was in the high 2:34s (I think)

                    I'm running VARA at SMMR on the 17-19th and will be instructing at the March PCA DE event there as well.

                    See you at the track, Tom Grossmann

                    Notes on the pictures below:
                    1st one is the 1200 at SMMR
                    2nd is the F500
                    3rd is circa 1987 entrance to turn 3 at Willow Springs (I think I was going past another bike not in frame, I liked the picture cause the photographer took the shot just as I started to lean into the corner, I had bunches of pics with the usual knee dragging)

                    Click image for larger version

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                    • Hey guys, new to the forum, finally. Had some issues registering, but all is good now.

                      I've been around racing my entire life, raced karts for about 30 years. I've raced at Charlotte Motor Speedway, TWS, TMS, and COTA.

                      No cars in my near future as I'm going my business, but I do help with PR1Motorsports when I can.
                      owner - Trailer Alarms, LLC


                      • Name: Davis
                        Home: Buena Park, CA
                        Car: 2017 Yaris SE
                        Experience: Beginner
                        Occupation: Automotive Technician
                        Favorite Track: Still looking.

                        Hi everyone, my name is Davis. I started attending track days in 2011 with my MR2 Spyder. I ended up swapping in a 2zz a few years later, and it turned into a money pit that kept giving me problems. Then my baby boy came into our lives, and I sold the car. I bought a Prius v for family duties, and I learned that I hate CVTs. Awesome mpg though. I've since been itching to get back into a manual, and recently picked up my family friendly Yaris. The goal is to get as much seat time as I can this year with this reliable little guy.

                        Wanna-B-Spec Yaris


                        • The yaris is doing pretty well in scca b-spec. People in that class say it is really fun. It is tough to go racing with a young family but you are on the right track with a reliable gas and oil car. Best of luck for your driver development.


                          • Thanks billybob! I'm lucky the wife supports me going to open track days, and my son loves seeing all the cars.
                            Wanna-B-Spec Yaris


                            • Originally posted by deng View Post
                              I'm lucky the wife supports me going to open track days,
                              Well when you start welding a rollcage in your daily driver in prep for racing, it always helps to start that bathroom remodel.


                              • Name:Han
                                Favorite Track:bw,seca,sow,th,Adams(with cars)
                                Cars:2015 STI(VA), 2014 FRS

                                I've been following TrackHQ for a few years.
                                Happy to finally register for a new member!
                                Before starting to track cars 3 years ago I had been a mountain racer( "ricer") for a few years(until now), going up to some "famous back roads" at least twice a week.
                                Love to track my touge/daily cars to see how it performs on track and learn a lot.

                                Really love to read every driving technique discussion, which is better than any instructor or book in my opinion.
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                                VA(15) STI/FRS