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  • Name: David Walker
    Home: San Clemente, CA
    Car: 2003 Evo VIII, 2006 S2000
    Experience: HPDE, part-time tech crew for the HMSA.
    Occupation: I work for an online performance parts reseller.
    Favorite tracks: BRP, MRLS.

    I'm here to learn. From what i've seen, lots of experience on here and i'm glad to be here.

    Been fascinated with stuff that moves cart, garbage truck, skateboard, whatever. Started messing with cars about 15 years ago. I like motorcyles too. Also like working on my cars and other projects.

    2014 I started working on the tech crew for the HMSA. Been enjoying the hell out of that, and realizing more and more that the track seems to be where i have the most fun. Get to see some amazing historic race cars too, getting used like they were meant to be used, for the most part.

    The technology that was around, 20, 30, 40 years ago is staggering. I tech'd this PJ Jones Eagle MKIII GTP car and almost had an aneurysm, the stoke factor was too great.

    I started doing HPDE in early '15. Wow. Everything sort of "came into focus". It was a pivotal point. I ended up doing 7 events in '15. I am kicking myself for not getting out there sooner. What really helped was when i realized that you can take just about any car, in decent overall health, and have a blast. I had to experience it first hand in HMSA's pace cars, i guess. Hustling around Laguna Seca in a stock, heavy, soft 640i did the trick.

    1st time out was Streets last January, in the S2K:

    This was BRP #13 CCW last month:

    I'm definitely not fast yet, but i'm having a really good time anyway.


    • Welcome, David. Nice photos to accompany your introduction.


      • Hi my name's Ken, been around racing since I was a kid... My dad raced Porsches, grew up in his shop in SoCal, I was your basic track rat but that's where I learned to work on cars... Went to work for the Jim Russell school first as an engineer then became an instructor for 10 years while overseeing changes on the cars.. Ran my own race shop after that for a few years until cancer kicked me around for a couple years (i'm fine still do composites and coaching... have an Audi S4 for a toy that's going through some changes..


        • Welcome Ken!
          That's not a Typo, I just can't spell no so well.


          • Howdy all. First post to introduce myself!

            Name: Bryan
            Home: Alameda, CA
            Car: 2014 Evo GSR, 2014 Fiesta ST
            Experience: HPDE, Instructor, my dads firebird when I was 7.
            Occupation: Lead Designer @ Adobe
            Favorite tracks: Thunderhill

            Somehow I didn't know this site existed but somehow I happened upon it and now here I am.

            Short history:

            What started it all, my fathers sweet firebird:

            I was a heavy track event attendee from 2004-2009, mainly Thunderhill but also Buttonwillow. Instructed for a couple years.

            I tracked a WRX for a bit, then a 2005 Evo, which started out mild...

            Then got a little more serious with R compounds, TC Designs roll bar, suspension, melted 4th gear twice, went to a 5 speed, yada yada...

            Track events mainly @ Thunderhill. My best there at the time was 2:02

            ...Then hung up my track gloves from 2010-2014, because life. BUT, started up again in 2014

            I started again in my 2014 Ford Fiesta ST, which was fun, but I ended up not liking it on track and it seemed silly to track it as I also had a 2014 Evo GSR. (Which I said I would never track, ironically).

            Now I am back again in the Evo 10. Slowly getting my track legs back, taking my time, taking it easy. Best of 2:07 @ Thunderhill on street tires but I had some fuel starvation problems at the time.

            Latest round of mods are Ohlins and NT01's so itching to get back to the track.

            I also used to tune Evos @ GST Motorsports but now I just tune my own vehicles.

            Anyway, that's me, the short version.


            • Welcome aboard!


              • Been lurking for a while

                Howdy all,

                My name is Matt Steele. By day I make cartoons and by nights & weekends I like to go real fast and stuff.

                Been doing HPDEs and TTs for a couple of years now, and did years of karts before that. I'm also an avid sim racer (pCARS, rFactor, iRacing.) Got the bug from my granddad who used to race road cars and hydroplane boats in Georgia.

                Cool forum here. I'll be sure to join in the conversation more often than I do right now.

                My track car is a 2006 Porsche 911 C2, stock with Michelin PSS street tires.

                Here's some eye candy:

                Getting her ready...
                Click image for larger version

Name:	FullSizeRender.jpg
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Size:	564.5 KB
ID:	230413

                She's good to go:
                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0820.JPG
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Size:	495.0 KB
ID:	230412

                Beautiful morning at Buttonwillow:
                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1814.JPG
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Size:	411.4 KB
ID:	230411

                Going around Sunset:
                Click image for larger version

Name:	sunrise_small.jpg
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Size:	133.6 KB
ID:	230414

                Had a good bit of rain, so now she's nice and dirty:
                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1834_cor.JPG
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Size:	427.9 KB
ID:	230416

                This is how I stay fast between the bank account drains:
                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1869_cor.JPG
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Size:	448.2 KB
ID:	230415

                Here's a clean lap at Buttonwillow:

                This was from my first-ever wet session:

                And my fastest BW lap where you can't actually see outside the car:


                • New member here,

                  Came across trackhq through google and found a lot of useful information. I have been lurking for the past few months. I just started getting into tracking my m3 a few months ago and I'm hooked- already done 6 events in 2.5 months. I'm trying to improve as a driver and hope to be able to learn a lot from being a part of this forum.


                  • Welcome to, guys.


                    • New here...

                      I'm a NASA DE3 driver with my '91 MR2, a stripped, caged, track only N/A motor car I've been 'improving' since '08. My track experience is mostly Road Atlanta, with many track weekends, and also Roebling Road, AMP, and CMP. This July I am going to Rockingham with NASA, my first roval. I usually flag or work at every Road Atlanta NASA -SE event I don't drive at, but have suffered some car problems and knee problems which have cut down my participation. Kinda wanted to see what else is out there.

                      Ed Bird
                      Gainesville, Georgia


                      • Welcome Ed! Nice to get more geographic diversity.


                        • Hey Ed, I also live in Gainesville, GA! It's not too bad being halfway between road atlanta and atlanta motorsports park.
                          '09 rx8 sport


                          • Alpharetta/John's Creek here.
                            Yer pal,


                            • I grew up in Roswell, GA. Miss the trees and The Varsity


                              • Hello all,
                                I drive a 2006 Lotus Elise and do some track time. Started in the late 80's driving an Alfa GTV6. Always looking for good information.