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  • Steven,

    I think you'll find SuperMiata an interesting change from Calclub /SCCA SM. Your wallet might be happier now with this alternative series . It will be interesting to hear your assessment of SuperMiata given on your experience in the hypercompetitiive SCCA SM series. Please report back.
    AiM Data and Video systems, Suspension Setup, Race car builds, support, and rentals. At your beck and call.

    Mark Nichols
    Iron Canyon Motorsports


    • Name: Hayden Evans
      Home:Las vegas
      Car:2007 Subaru STI
      Experience: No track experience as I'm still doing some mods to make my car reliable for track days but I have done autox for 3 years
      Performance, Reliability, cost efficient. Pick any two


      • Welcome, Hayden.


        • Just joined up today. Wife and I got into track days about 9 mos ago with our '99 miata. I've done autocross since about '99. Keeping the build n/a and budget friendly. We live in Gainesville, GA. 35 minutes from Road Atlanta and Atlanta Motorsports Park. So far 1 day at RA and 2 at AMP.

          '09 rx8 sport


          • New member here - Found this forum last night, great online community for us motor heads!

            I'm new in the Houston Texas area, involved with BMW CCA - I come from a motorsports background and am looking forward to contributing where I ccan to the community.

            An older picture of my car attached.


            • ^^Welcome, that's a nice looking car.
              99 Mazda Miata SuperMiata #515 - AKA Sparky SOLD
              '91 Mariner Blue Miata project AKA Napoleon


              • Welcome, Eyeballs and Reignspeed.


                • Name: Aaron
                  Cars: Locost R1, 71 Datsun 510, 05 Tundra for towing
                  Tracks: Buttonwillow, Streets of Willow Springs, ACS, Chuckwalla: with Speedventures, AROSC (Driving School), VARA (also Driving School), Extremespeed (going to use up my coupons then stop), Speed District (more $$$ but best experience for HPDE)

                  I've been doing HPDE for about 10 years now, totaling about 20 track events. I started with a WRX then went through a series of Miatas (about 12), Sentra SE-R, and finally bought a dedicated track car. My Locost (homebuilt Lotus 7 replica) has a 2003 Yamaha R1 engine/transmission, a full cage, and usually runs R-compounds.

                  I've had the pleasure to meet some of the members here over the years (Moti, Emilio, and a few others) and I'm glad this forum exists to bring all the track day info into one place.

                  Hope to see you at the next track event!


                  • Welcome, MCA.


                    • Name: Jose
                      Hey all, been lurking for a while and finally decided to sign up.
                      Awesome forum here, lots of good info. I have a pretty much stock '91 MX5/Miata that has been serving me well in the local autocrosses. Living in Auckland, New Zealand. Looking to move to tracking the thing soon so figured I'd learn a bit here.

                      Also a fan of endurance racing which is what brought me here in the first place.

                      See you 'round.


                      •, bringing the world together one racer at a time. Welcome, Jose.


                        • Welcome Aaron,

                          Good to see another 510 geek on here!



                          • Name: Ray
                            Cars: BMW 235I, 90 SM Miata
                            Tracks: Willow Spring, Laguna, Chuckwalla, ACS, Nurburgring
                            Hi everyone, I just got the SM Miata. I’m going to do SCCA club racing and maybe super Miata.




                            • Hi there,

                              I'm Racer Z. My race car is a 1973 Datsun 240Z. We (my brother and I) also have a 1975 280Z that we're setting up as a racer as well.

                              My daily driver is a 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth C. My wife drives a 2012 Fiat 500 C. I hope to buy an Alfa Romeo 4C when they're available. Near as I can tell, that will be the month after next, next month.

                              I work for a private car collector. He has an impressive collection which includes:
                              Lola T-70 (retired racer)
                              McClaren (retired racer)
                              Ford GT40 (street stock)
                              Porsche RSR (active racer)
                              1957 Lotus 11, LeMan spec (active racer)
                              1962 Daimler SP250 (with race history, undergoing full restoration, will go back on track)
                              Racer Z
                              Escargot Racing
                              2015 Alfa Romeo 4C


                              • Nice gig!