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  • Originally posted by ucfbrett View Post
    Welcome Jessica. I think I have a few photos of you and the crew from last weekend. Feel free to post, not many of us have experience crewing at the 25.
    Thank you for the warm welcome, guys

    The 25 was my FIRST real race experience. It was a great time! Do you have a thread with pics?


    • Welcome Jess!
      Lookiing forward to see that mean Green machine of yours rolling around under its own (ridiculous amount of) power

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      • Originally posted by Blackbird View Post
        Welcome Jess!
        Lookiing forward to see that mean Green machine of yours rolling around under its own (ridiculous amount of) power
        As soon as it does, you know where it's headed! aiming for Spring time...


        • Originally posted by XCLR8TN View Post

          My name is Jessica and I'm a newb from Ohio! Just helped out 949 this past weekend at the T25 and decided to see what this forum was all about.

          I'm building a 91 LS6 Miata and hoping to get on track to get it sorted in the spring. I will probably lurk more than post

          Welcome Jessica.

          Watch out for The Sheriff in these parts.
          To the right of The Sheriff. Isn't everyone?


          • Jessica's LS build is on a few other forums. It is amazing!
            Yer pal,


            • Originally posted by Force McCocken View Post
              Jessica's LS build is on a few other forums. It is amazing!
              I don't know about amazing... but it's something, lol.


              • Welcome to the Thunderdome.... Jess!


                • Name: Elliot Meme
                  Home: Bay Area, CA
                  Cars: 95 Miata, 99 Miata
                  Experience: ~13.25 hours
                  Most feared track: Don't have one yet
                  Favorite tracks: Spa Francorchamps (never been though)
                  Favortie corner: Star Mazda corner CCW#1 direction at Buttonwillow so far

                  Hello. Thought I should sign up since I check timing and scoring information here a fair amount. 22 years old, 2012 was really my first real tracking year (well half year, got started in August), I have some prior experience in karts and a few sessions in a time attack civic hatchback but that was 4 years ago. My track car is a 1995 Miata. It's rather slow unfortunately, the original drivetrain is still in it and it has over 205,000 miles on all of it, and in the past 2 years it's had about 150 hours of extremely hard driving put on it. Kenjo at GarageStar out of Sacramento, CA has been sponsoring me and this car since pretty much day one, and Limitless Motorsport out of San Bruno, CA just became my other sponsor. Car is getting a cage thanks to Limitless in January for the 2013 season.

                  Short term goals for 2013 are to continue doing HPDE events, hopefully run a full season of NCRC's Chrono Series if they bring it back or instead test into their ARC series, and do some NASA events to hopefully obtain a regional license for 2014 after completing their HPDE4 group. I'd love to do the SCCA school at the beginning of the year, but I can't afford all of the required certified equipment before then and my car is not legal for any of their classes as far as I know.

                  Long term goals are to go as high up the racing ladder as possible. I think I have a decent/average amount of driving talent, but I'm hoping my dedication and studying of the sport can take me to a higher level than paying money to drive around a track in an HPDE environment. I love every aspect of the sport, even the sponsorship duties and requirments, the odd interview (hopefully more are to come), and instructing others.

                  I guess all that really matters is times, so here are all of my personal bests so far from my 4 months of tracking in 2012:
                  Thunderhill (~7.5 hrs of experience) - 2:10.375 CCW Cyclone
                  Buttonwillow (~3 hrs of experience) - 2:19.181 CW #1, 2:20.197 CCW #1
                  Laguna Seca (~1.25 hrs of experience) - 1:50.778

                  This is what the vehicle looks like

                  This is my 2:10.375 from Thunderhill in October
                  E Meme Thunderhill 10/12/12 - YouTube

                  Hope to see some of you at the track in '13.
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                  Thanks to my sponsors: GarageStar and Limitless Motorsport


                  • Originally posted by Spettro View Post
                    Name: Elliot Meme
                    Cars: 95 Miata, 99 Miata
                    Hope to see some of you at the track in '13.
                    Welcome Elliot!

                    And yes I had to go there.


                    • Yeah, the internet has made my life a living hell. For what it's worth, my last name isn't pronounced "meem" like the internet things, it's like saying the word "me" twice.
                      Thanks to my sponsors: GarageStar and Limitless Motorsport


                      • Favortie corner: Star Mazda corner CCW#1 direction at Buttonwillow so far
                        Welcome, Elliot!

                        I know what you mean. It's not my favorite corner, but it is way more fun CCW than CW.

                        Favorite corner: WSIR Turn 9. I may never get it exactly right, but my balls get bigger every time I try. Sonoma Turns 7, 10 and 11 are pretty fun too. And the bowl at Chuckwalla is an absolute hoot . . .
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                        The deposed former Sheriff of trackHQ . . .

                        2006 Porsche 997 Carerra Coupe 6-MT - daily driver
                        1992 Honda (Acura) NSX 5-MT - classic investment I couldn't resist and occasionally drive
                        2004 Honda S2000 AP2 6-MT - my last track day car (FOR SALE or not, depending on how I feel when I fall out of bed tomorrow morning)
                        2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR 6-MT - when I need a backseat, 4-doors, or a real trunk, and still want to haul ass . . .


                        • Michael Hom
                          San Diego, CA

                          1991.5 Mazda Miata

                          Hey guys I am heading to the track in 2013 so why not sign up?

                          In terms of modifications there isn't much. K&N Drop In panel filter, HKS header, Hawk HPS brake pads, Tein HA coilover (for NB), Hard Dog Hard Core Hard Top with Double Diagonal roll bar, 4.1 open 1.8 rear end and Buddy Club bucket seat (my most favorite driver orientated modification so far).

                          Track experience-wise I do not have much. A few days at Horse Theif Mile for grip/drift events. I have done more autocross with our local SCCA region at Qualcomm and Speed Ventures at Auto Club Speedway.

                          My main problems are finding the correct line, braking points and overdriving the tires.

                          Goals for the first quarter of 2013 are to do an HPDE event at each of the SoCal tracks (Big Willow, SoW, Button Willow, Roval and Chuckwalla) before the annual MRLS event in April to get seat time and experience. After that is do as many track days as I can.

                          Thanks for having me and I look forward to gain insight from posts and your feedback when I have questions!

                          1996 Mazda Miata
                          Starlight Mica


                          • Hello new members.
                            Team Rambling Warrior Poet



                            • Hi Ham!!!! Welcome! We have cake!


                              • My name is Willis, the Road Course Manager at Pacific Raceways in Kent, Washington.
                                I have minimal track experience, a lot of indoor karting and some Rotax kart experience. Plenty of lapping experience at my home track too.
                                I drive a 1979 Chevy Camaro Z28 with a 383 stroker. Needs some serious suspension tuning tho!

                                PM or email me if you have questions about the track or when we're having track days!