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    Nice AP1 man! Welcome to TrackHQ!
    Raceline USA


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      Honda C200 from SMS

      Hello, Im James (or "howie" as my friends know me). I met a few of you guys yesterday at Willow Springs and Im sure my driver met some of you too (Sohan Kota). We brought out our Honda project for our first test after a year of work, and we were definitly pleased with the results. Im doing business in california for now so hopefully i'll make it out to more events this summer and I know sohan will be flying in from back east as frequently as possible. Once i get videos from the track together i'll post em up for sure


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        My name is Aron. I am 25 years old and live in reseda, CA. I run an "89 240 fastback. I have been a member of for a while and was referred here by another zilvia member. Basically I am growing tired of the typical dumbass drifter attitude and am trying to expand my horizons. I basically grew up at the track working on my dad's formula atlantic racecars. I started working on them at about 10 yrs old and by the time I was 15 I was in charge of pretty much everything that needed to be done to the car at the track. At age 19 I began attending the LA Pierce College automotive program and at about age 21 I began working for one of my instructors at his trans shop. I have worked at a total of 4 shops in the last 5 years or so. I currently have 4 ASE's (A/C, manual trans and drivetrain, auto trans, and electrical) and will be going for my master tech this spring. In the last couple of years I have been doing all the fab work on my car and have been researching suspension geometry pretty extensively (although I still have a lot to learn). Hopefully I can learn more here!
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          Welcome to all the new members. In this fourm. you will find not thing but track day and race relate thing... in this is what you look for !!( supposely that is all sports car for)


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            Hey, found out about this site from a person that was at the speedventures event on friday. Had a good time, but placed me and my friends in the wrong class, they were all too fast for me and my car haha.

            Name: Phil Nguyen
            Home: Garden Grove, CA
            Car: 2002 Civic Si
            Experience: Streets of willow CW
            Favorite tracks: Streets of willow


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              Name: julian
              Home: montebello, CA
              Car: 1995 miata
              Track Experience: Gingerman Raceway (Michigan), Waterford Hills (Michigan), SOW, BW 13 CW, Laguna Seca

              did my first two track days in michigan with my 84 volvo 240 wagon, then bought a miata, installed a rollbar and took it to the track. promptly spun it when i braked in the middle of a corner.

              now i'm just trying to keep up with the other miata guys on here. i've also tracked my sister's 350Z and sti, one day each, both stock. i taught her how to drive stick, and bought her her 1st track day for her bday present.


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                I just realized I never posted in this thread. Ive met some of the people that are on here before, but anyways.

                Name: Eddie Nagao
                Home: Los Angeles, CA
                Car: 1989 RX-7 GTUs (daily driver), 1988 RX-7 10AE (project), 2004 RX-8 (dad's car)
                Experience: Buttonwillow, Laguna Seca, Horse Thief Mile, and Willow Springs Balcony.
                Favorite tracks: All of them.

                I had my first track experience back in 2005 or 2004 maybe.. (first MazFest) riding shotgun in my old man's 2004 RX-8. In 2006 I picked up my project Turbo II, although, in the close to 2 years ive owned it, it hasnt moved on its own power very much. Later that year, I got a chance to get a taste of driving, well drifting, at Drift 101, rented a mildly setup 240sx for the day. When 2007 MazFest finally came, I got to drive the RX-8 on the track for the first time, was beating my dad's times a good part of the day too, ahah. Late 2007 we took a trip up to Laguna Seca with the RX-8, was a long and crazy, but nice, drive up Highway 1 to get there, but it was very much worth it, also visited Horse Thief Mile in early December. 2008 has been pretty slow so far, havent visted any tracks, but I finally picked up a nice daily driver last month so thats been keeping me occupied. Hopefully ill be able to get back to the trackdays soon, within a month or so.
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                New video coming soon!

                Skip Barber Mazdaspeed Challenge @ Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on 03/25/12
                3rd Place, First Race EVER!!!!

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                  Met some of you guys last weekend at redline time attack, great to meet all you awesome drivers, hope to see you guys soon.

                  Name: Owen Guo
                  Home: Burlingame, CA
                  Car: 01 S2000(track), 06 Evo IX(Daily), 99 Suburban(Towing)
                  Experience: Buttonwillow, Laguna Seca, Horse Thief Mile, Thunderhill, Infineon.
                  Favorite tracks: Buttonwillow & Thunderhill.

                  For now, just wish I could drive better like you guys

                  -Owen Guo / REN motorsports


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                    Welcome on board Owen! Owen and his crew are very nice ppl who helped me towed my "16 yr old POS" to Redline TA, he is also the owner of Ren Motorsports and the man who kept my car running fit and problem free!
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                    Charles K. Ng

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                      Another Norcaller, welcome.
                      "The crashes people remember, but drivers remember the near misses" -Mario Andretti


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                        Welcome all new members!
                        Raceline USA


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                          Name: Kandie Lien

                          Car: 06 Track Model 350Z Black

                          Fav Track: So far, Streets of Willow

                          Okay so here is my short intro. i started driving track about 3 years back. i started with Streets of Willow. I've also driven Big Willow, Buttonwillow and California Speedway. So if you see a girl in a black Z, its probably me!

                          Sorry i dont have any html link but you can see them on myspace:


                          i will also have more track days on my up and coming website

                          Nice to meet you all!! and if i havent yet, my next event will be at NOPI St Louis and Cali Speedway in July.
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                            nice to have another Z on track
                            Follow me to the track!
                            Team 5 Racing


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                              Originally posted by Wicked Z <Kandie> View Post
                              my next event will be . . . Cali Speedway in July.
                              C U there buddy...


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                                Charles introduced this nice forum to me...
                                I met some of you during the time attack weekend..
                                mlk_f1, congrats to your win...

                                Name: Roy Lin
                                Home: Alameda, CA
                                Car: Subaru Impreza Wagon
                                Experience: Three HPDE track days so far. Thunderhill and Buttonwillows