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    New member

    Name: Steve Pharr

    Home: San Diego

    Age: closer to your dads age

    Fun Car: 1970 240 Z (although I can't think of any part from the original car)

    Family cars: Infiniti FX35, Nissan 350Z, 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang

    Grew up doing the desert thing, 2 wheels, 4 wheels. Got into bracket drag racing, back into the desert, then into boating and now this. Had a 240 Z 28 years ago. Hated to sell it but no room for 2 car seats. Auto crossing in San Diego for 1.5 years. Have only run 2 track days so far, SOW and CSW. Am going to SOW on Oct 30 and CSW "Roval" track on Nov. 1. I will double my track experiance in one weekend

    Your site has the best pictures and videos of any others that I have looked at by far. Keep up the good work! (Having just upgraded from Windows 95 on my computer, I am out of my league in that department!)

    Stop by and say hi.



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      My intro

      I've been doing the SoCal track events scene since 1997. Back then, I could afford to do one or two events per year. I started off with a MR2 Turbo, but it got ridiculously expensive to maintain and I blew 2 cylinders @ Buttonwillow one summer. I switched to a 1988 Honda Civic and swapped in a VTEC drivetrain. It's a dedicated track machine. But I've yet to really go all out with it... all in due time. I usually spend $30 on gas per day. $25 rotors. The tires are usually $125 per. So it's pretty easy on the budget.

      Haven't met most of you -- but I'm pretty sure I will one day!

      Name: Jeff H.
      Home: Torrance, CA
      Car: 88 Honda Civic
      Experience: HPDEs at WSIR, Streets (both dirs), Spring Mtn, Buttonwillow (lotsa configs), Laguna Seca.


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        Well, here goes.
        Name Brian Damschroder
        Home Prescott Valley, AZ
        Age 43
        Car 1991 BMW 325I

        I got started with a track day at SOWS with Speedventures, and have run (badly) at Spring Mountain and (better) Big Willow, which is my favorite track for now. So don't complain about your commutes to the track!! My attendance has been very spotty, so my goal for next year is to make it to the track much more often.


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          Name: Paulie P.
          Home: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
          Car: Nissan 350z 35th Anniversary
          Track Experience: NASA HPDE, Redline, Speedventures, go-karts
          Favorite Track: Buttonwillow

          Hello my name is Paulie and Im a trackaholic
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          The Z33 Pilot
          Work S1 Meister for street, Rota P45R for track


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            New member

            Name: Daniel
            Home: Temecula/WLA, CA
            Car: Evo IX
            Experience: 12 hpde events? Two redline time attacks, helping manly fix his broken car.

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              Name: Alex Cao
              Age: 18
              Location: Santa Clara for school, Hometown in Pasadena
              Car: 2004 MazdaSpeed Miata
              Experience: AutoX...and that's it.
              I plan on taking my car to SOW on the 14th of December for my first track day.


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                Name: Jason Putnam
                Home: Malibu, CA (originally Springfield, MO)
                Car: 02 Acura TL Type S (not track worthy)
                Experience: HPDEs at SOW, CSW infield
                Most feared track: Laguna Seca
                Favorite tracks: all of them

                I have been into cars for as long as I can remember. I got my start wrenching on a buddies 300+ horsepower Integra back in high school. Back then it was mainly drag racing (at the track only of course) as there were not any tracks close by. From there I launched a small car audio/detailing business mainly for the benefit of family and friends.

                A.J. and his family have been generous enough to introduce me to the track scene. Thus far I am living vicariously through their Lotus Exige. I’m going to the Porsche driving school in Alabama in a few months. After driving school I plan to not only legitimize my habit but also look into investing in a track car with my dad.

                Manly I know I have seen you at the track a few times and Paulie we met the other day at Cal speedway, hello to everyone else.


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                  Name: Erik Islas
                  Home: Apple Valley, CA
                  Car: 06 Mitsubishi Evolution
                  Experience: HPDEs at SOW, CA Speedway infield, Butonwillow CW#13
                  Favorite track: Buttonwillow

                  I just started tracking a few months ago. My first track event was in May 07 and I've been pretty much stuck on it since. I've been trying to go to the track as much as I can, or shall I say, as much as I can afford which is usually once a month.
                  You guys seems like a real cool little community and I look forward to meeting and getting to know you guys a little better.

                  Erik Islas
                  Quality used miata parts


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                    Name: Sherman Bahr
                    Home: Thousand Oaks CA
                    Car: 2000 Toyota MR2 SuperCharged
                    Experience: Tons of HPDEs with just about everyone, but mostly Redline.
                    Favorite track: SOW

                    I got my start with POC. I got licenced in STS then went on from there. I have run with POC, Speed Trials, Speed Ventures, NASA, Redline, and many others.
                    You will mostly find me hanging with the Redline crowd.

                    I just recently added an Eaton M90 supercharger to my car and I LOVE IT. No more passing the silver MR2 because I have power now!!!

                    Love running with you guys. If anyone out there needs help with there lines don't hesitate to ask me.

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                    A bad day racing is better that a good day working...
                    For all you video guys...


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                      Name: Carl Rydquist, M.Sc
                      Home: West Hollywood, CA (recently moved in from Sweden)
                      Car: I freelance (= I race and do hotlaps/ride-and-drives in cars owned by various teams, manufacturers and various people)
                      Experience: Hours and hours in professional GT racing (Porsche 964 RS, 993 RSR, 996 GT3 Cup, 997 GT3 Cup, 996 GT3 RS), Touring Cars (BMWs, Volvos), Historic Racing (Lotus Cortina, Morgan +8 Le Mans), prototype sportscars (Radical), club racing cars (Porsche 930 Turbo, Lotus Super 7, Miata) and street cars (Porsche 997 Turbo, 997 Carrera S, 997 Carrera 4S, Cayman S, Boxster S, 997 GT3 RS, BMW Z4 2.2, 2.5, BMW Z4 Coupe 3.0, BMW 3-series, BMW 1-series, Nissan 350Z, Volvo S80+V70 @ Nurburgring).
                      Most feared track: None, but I really make sure I am fit and hydrated at the Nurburgring Nordschleife
                      Favorite tracks: Nurburgring Nordschleife

                      Manly Kao introduced me to this forum, which I think is a great initiative for all race / track day addicts in the area. I have had the opportunity to meet a few friendly folks already out at CSW in 2007, visiting Speed Ventures with friends as well as hosting a racing clinic for owners of Rear- and Mid-engine cars (will be more of those so).

                      If you ever need a hand to setup/sort out your car or if you wish to receive general driver coaching to improve your laptimes and consistency, feel free to contact me ([email protected]). This also goes for advanced/professional racers (as long as you are not one of my competitors!! ).

                      You name it and I have probably heard it, seen it, felt it, figured it out, analyzed it, discussed it with race engineers, had it adjusted, worked around it and won the race.

                      Looking forward to meeting you at the track!


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                        Name: Kenny Chieu
                        Home: Los Angeles, CA
                        Car: 00 Toyota MR2 Spyder
                        Experience: Streets of Willow, Buttonwillow, autox, Los Angeles traffic
                        Favorite tracks: SOW

                        I started my track experience with speedtrial early 2006 with my 2001 corolla S. i was only 19 at the time with only 2 years of driving experience. i was addicted to tracks ever since. i had 2 track days and a few autocross with the corolla, until i sold it to get my mr2. i started out with a terrible setup on the mr2 where the suspension was stuck at full stiff and i couldn't do anyting about it. being that, i think it helped me go faster with my new suspension setup. i also have to thank Sherman for helping me out at the track with a smoother line and making me a faster driver. so far i have 7 track days under my belt along with a few autocross events (which i hope to never spend money on again). I wish to visit Laguna Seca next year.

                        keiichi and i
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                          Name: Kelly Kestler
                          Home: San Diego CA
                          Car: 2005 Mazda RX-8, base model
                          Experience: Danny McKeever Fast Lane Driving School @ SOW, 11 track days (6 SOW, 4 HTM, 1 BWR) since 2006, plus working for SpeedVentures 2 weekends in 2007 (more to come in 2008); many many canyon runs, and a few auto-x events (some in my old EG hatch)
                          Favorite track: BWR, but that will likely change this year when I get to more tracks!

                          You will know me at track cause I'll be the one with the 2 dogs!



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                            Name: Darin
                            Home: Walnut Creek, CA
                            Car: Ariel Atom, Honda engine (NA 245hp)
                            Experience: My first track car was a 2000 Porsche 996, which I loved and tracked several times. But that car was too pristine to track a lot, and I was hooked.

                            The Atom is a much more appropriate track car (maybe the most "appropriate" of all). I've tracked my Atom approx. 10-12 times now, and its been great. I love this car in so many ways, more than I thought I would. One interesting thing about the Atom that most people never think of - its actually a lot of fun to just cruise around on the street, slowly, in all kinds of weather.

                            Prior to HPDE's, I did some shifter kart racing, jet ski racing, and most of all motocross.

                            Favorite Track: I've driven T-Hill, Infineon, Laguna, and Reno-Fernley, and I love them all. Its hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to I guess it would be Infineon, because its closest to my house, and plenty challenging.

                            Here's a few videos of me driving the Atom, and a couple of stills from my most recent visit to Thunderhill:


                            PS - I just discovered this forum, and I think its a great idea. There's plenty of other forums discussing track driving, but they're all focused on a particular car, instead of the events and tracks.
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                              Name: Matthew Eugenio
                              Home: Temple City, CA
                              Car: 1995 Acura Integra GS-R Sedan (DB8)
                              Experience: Just a lot of canyon carving at my home course: Angeles Crest. No track experience yet. I'm planning to join the AKOM Racing private event in April.

                              I got my DB8 back in October 2006 and have always wanted to go to track, but just never got a chance to do it. Not going to the track is definitely going to change this year. I hope to learn from you guys and hopefully meet some of you.

                              Here are some pics of my DB8. Enjoy!

                              Raceline USA


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                                Name: Timothy
                                Track Experience: Freeway on ramp and off ramp.
                                Favorite Track: 110fwy from Lincoln Heights/Highland Park to Pasadena configuration North and South.

                                Here's me and my M1.
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