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Which automotive Youtube video do you watch ?

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  • Which automotive Youtube video do you watch ?

    just realized today that I haven't read a car magazine in a while. I've been watching a ton of youtube video.

    so who makes a good car video ? let me see your list, keep it under 10 please.

    in no particular order:

    A list for me. watch most episodes
    Motor Trend - Head 2 Head, Randy Pobst
    Doug DeMuro
    Hoovie's Garage
    Engineering Explained

    B list - watch only the interesting ones
    Alex on Autos
    Top Gear
    Car and Driver
    The Smoking Tire - Matt Farrel
    S1 Supermiata - 220whp
    13 Tesla, ma: no engine !!
    17 GT350R
    03 Miata Club Sport
    96 NSX
    06 EVO MR
    15 Mini Cooper S
    Beck 550 Spyder

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    Motortrend's Engine Masters
    Motortrend's RoadKill
    Regular Car Reviews

    Engineering Explained
    Alex Venz' electric car channel
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      I don't regularly watch any YT channels. I have watched one or two episodes of a few of the ones you listed but that's about it. Most automotive-related YouTube channels just to make me squirm. Too corny and playing to the lowest common denominator.
      I rarely feel like I've learned anything or been exposed to anything I didn't already know. I guess I am just more difficult to entertain than your average car guy.

      Aside from their cost I never understood why people race them.
      But obviously I just dont get it. -fatbillybob


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        That's because you know everything already lol.
        Do you understand?


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          I watch a lot of the Motor Trend videos mentioned above. In addition I watch

          Dirt Everyday (good truck and 4x4 tips)
          Finnegan's Garage (Roadkill co-host Mike Finnegan, good fab and welding tips)

          I started listening to The Driving Show. It's hosted by a close friend of mine with a true passion for racing, as a racer, and many years in Motorsports media coverage as a pit reporter and motorsport PR personnel. His enthusiasm is genuine and infectious.
          Yer pal,


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            I don't know why but I really have a hard time watching most of the YT car videos. I have been enjoying the Randy Pobst and the bearded guy videos when I watch them. I honestly can't figure out why it's so difficult to make good car related television, especially in the US.
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              Road & Track has some good videos on YT as does Consumer Reports. Granted, the latter includes all types of vehicles.

              SCCA has recordings of prior year's Runoffs races. It's fun to watch those.


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                99% of the YT videos I watch are race videos, SM and whatever decent SPM races I can find. General automotive videos just don't interest me anymore.
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