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Inserting Images to your post

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  • Inserting Images to your post

    There are 2 methods for uploading pictures:

    1) is directly via the "post editor" when you start a new message or thread in the forum. (This is a good method for when you only have a few pictures to share).

    2) via the PhotoPost Gallery on this forum. This will also allow upload pictures in bulk as .zip file up to 100MB.(This method is recommended for those who have lots of photos to share but don't want to clutter the thread with picture. For example, you can create an album in PhotoPost Gallery to organize your set of pix for a particlar track event. Then you can link this album you just created directly onto your post in the forum. See my Example here.)

    Instructions for Method #1 (Sharing pix with Post Editor)

    First, click on the "Attachment" icon represented by the paper clip pictured below.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	attached.jpg
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ID:	233659

    A pop up window will appear.
    If the image you want to attach is located on your computer, use the "Browse" button to locate the image and click upload.
    You can also attach an image that is from the internet. Copy and paste the image's URL into the box and click upload. Do not close the pop up window until the image is uploaded completely.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	05.jpg
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ID:	233660

    After you click upload, it should take a moment (few sec. to few minutes depending on connection speed) before the image is uploaded to the server. You will know when the image is successfully attached when you see the file name in the pop up window like the picture below.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	06.jpg
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ID:	233661

    Now you can close the popup window and your image will be automatically inserted on the bottom of your message when you submit your post.

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    Insert image directly in the body of your post

    You can also insert the image(s) directly in the body of your post instead of having them attached to the bottom of your message. This way you can type messages/descriptions around the pictures.

    The first part of the procedure is the same as above. After your images are uploaded, click on the "Attachment" icon. A drop down menu will appear right below the icon. Now you can select the image file you want to insert into the body from the drop down menu with one click of the mouse.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	07.jpg
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ID:	224017

    The bbcode circled in red represents the picture location in your post. now you can type your message around the picture.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	08.jpg
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ID:	224018


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      Instructions for Method #2 (Sharing pix via PhotoPost Gallery)

      Instructions for Method #2 (Sharing pix via PhotoPost Gallery)

      1) From the Forum home page: Click on the following sequence:
      1. Gallery
      2. My Album
      3. Create a New Album
      ***it is highly recommended to create albums to organize your files in the gallery***

      2) After you successfully created an Album, click on the "Upload Photos" link on the upper right hand corner.

      3) Now you can,
      1. Select the Album for your Pix
      2. Select pictures to upload. You can choose up to five photos per submition
      3. Lastly click on Upload

      Repeat this process if you have more pix.

      4) When you are finished uploading, link your Album to your post in the Forum.


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        Bulk Picture Upload

        You can now upload your pictures in bulk as a Zip file up to 100MB. First, You need package your picutres in a Zip file no larger than 100MB. You can download WinZip here to zip your pictures. Once you created the zip file, just follow the upload instruction for method #2 above. Note: you are only allow to upload ONE ZIP File at a time.