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Inserting Videos to your post

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  • Inserting Videos to your post

    There are two ways you can post video on
    1) You can use a third party video client such as Google Video or YouTube
    2) Or you can upload your Video files directly to our trackHQ server (up to 100MB file size).

    Google Video and YouTube Instructions:
    First, upload your Video to Google or YouTube. Follow the instruction on thier site. Once you have successfully uploaded your video. Follow the steps below to insert your video to this forum.

    Start by going to the location where your video is located at Google or YouTube.
    Highlight the URL address bar from your Internet browser. Then you want to copy the address by pointing the cursor there and "right click" your mouse. Then click copy.
    Click image for larger version

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    Now, go to your message posting interface at
    First, paste the URL address into the message box that you copied eariler.
    Next, click on the "Google" or "YouTube" Button (depending where your video was uploaded) to wrap the BBcode around the Video's URL.
    Click image for larger version

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    When you see the codes forward and aft the video's URL, you are done. Just click on the submit button to finish.
    Click image for larger version

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    Instructions for Uploading your Video to server (up to 100MB)

    Instructions for uploading Video to server (up to 100MB file size)

    1) From the Forum home page: Click on the following sequence:
    1. Gallery
    2. My Album
    3. Create a New Album
    ***it is highly recommended to create albums to organize your files in the gallery***

    2) After you successfully created an Album, click on the "Upload Photos" link on the upper right hand corner.

    3) Now you can,
    1. Select Where you want to upload your Video ("Member Videos" recomended)
    2. Select Video to upload. Even when there are 5 slots, the Gallery will only allow one video upload at a time.
    3. Lastly click on Upload (be patient! on average a 100MB file will take ~30minutes to upload. DO NOT CLOSE THE BROWSER until you finish the procedure on the next page)

    4) The browser will automatically bring you to the next page once your upload is completed. Click on "process" to insert your file to the gallery. When you are finished, Please be sure to link your newly uploaded video to your post in the Forum.