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Thread: Comprehensive SoCal HPDE and Track day guide

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    Default Comprehensive SoCal HPDE and Track day guide

    Hope this is okay to share. If not let me know.

    Similar to my comprehensive SoCal Autocross Guide I wanted to make one for driving the big tracks in SoCal. Though as I worked on it and it kept growing I realized I needed to break it up into more digestible chunks and so now have a planned 5 part series. The intent is to cover everything from what a first timer might want to know to what a track day enthusiast looking for more competition might want to know.

    I've completed the first two parts.

    Part 1 is the basic terminology and should help someone who has never heard of HPDE or Track days but wants to get out there with their own car. Article: Driving your own car on a racetrack.
    Part 2 covers the main host organizations of trackdays and HPDE events in SoCal and a few specialty ones. Article: Socal trackday and HPDE guide.

    Upcoming articles will be:
    Part 3: SoCal Racetracks (Road Courses) Guide
    Part 4: SoCal Time Trials Guide
    Part 5: SoCal Wheel to Wheel Racing Guide

    Feedback and suggestions welcome. I'd like to keep this series as comprehensive and useful as possible so folks can have a one stop shop, so to speak, to finding about track driving in SoCal.

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    Part 1 is a long topic, and it depends on what you want to focus on. When I coach students on their 1st track day, I would focus on driving safely on the track. At the same time I would go over basics like hand position, sitting position, situational awareness and how the safety equipment work. I would also go over what "NOT" to modify. A lot of people have minimal knowledge on safety items and did a half ass modification on a perfectly safe factory car & turned it in to a hazard (like 4 point harness).

    Part 2, you can add AROSC (Alfa Romeo Owners of Southern California). Very good organizer with time trials, racing school & wheel to wheel racing.
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