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Thread: 1995 300hp 6 speed Miata

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    Default 1995 300hp 6 speed Miata Trade for 350z/s2000

    Name: Ben
    Location: Seattle WA
    Contact: PM or 206.934.9497

    Its time to list my Miata, Im going through some life changes and need to redirect my time and energy toward other things.The car makes 290whp and 260 ft lbs on a conservatively reading Mustang dyno. Which is somewhere around 325whp on a dynojet. The car has 2000 miles since the engine was built. And is running strong. The car is surprisingly fast and will leave very expensive cars in its mirrors on the track. For a point of reference, it is faster than a new C7 Corvette down the front straight at the Ridge. Though it handles extremely well and is forgiving, this is not a car for a novice driver. This car served as my only vehicle without issue until just a few months ago when I put it away for a while and built the engine. It has 129,000 miles, and has been well taken care of.

    From Emilios list of things turbo track cars do wrong there is only a few minor points that don't fall within his guidline. I have spent a great deal of time and energy making this a well rounded and reliable setup.

    84mm 8.6:1 Supertech pistons
    Mazdaspeed crankshaft
    Eagle rods
    ACL Race bearings
    Stock head
    Lapped valves
    Supertech valve springs
    99 + retainers
    Supertech valve stem seals
    Cometic .040 head gasket
    750cc EV14 injectors
    Walbro 190HP fuel pump
    Log manifold (not pretty but solid)
    Tial 38mm external wastegate
    14b turbo with 7cm upgraded hot side
    2.5 stainless downpipe, 3 exhaust with magnaflow muffler and v band connections
    TSE Inconcel studs with 2 packs extra hardware
    All brand new fel pro gaskets
    949 water pump
    949 billet damper
    Boundary engineering oil pump gears
    Shimmed oil pump relief
    Begi coolant re route with 180* stant stat
    Custom lower mixing manifold
    Flying Miata hot side silicone intercooler piping
    Monster 12x24x3 intercooler
    Trackspeed 25 Row Setrab oil cooler
    Trackspeed Radiator
    SPAL 14 1800cfm fan
    DIYPNP Sequential fuel Ecu built by me, relocated in passenger airbag box
    Toyota COPs, Trackspeed bracket, spare coils
    Mishimoto silicone heater core hoses
    New heater core
    Moroso Oil catch can
    Extensive Thermotec and DEI heat shielding on and near turbo and accessories

    949 Stage 2 happy meal clutch kit
    6 speed transmission
    Miata Roadster 6 speed short shifter
    KAAZ 1.5 way rear diff with 4.10 gears. Car comes with a set of 3.93 gears and speed sensor
    Depowered steering rack with machined plugs
    Energy suspension rear diff bushings
    Rebuilt front hubs packed with Amsoil grease ( 2 front and 2 rear spares)
    ARP studs all around
    Muteki long SR48 lugs with locks
    Wilwood Dynalite front brakes
    Carbotech XP10 Front and XP 8 rear pads
    Wilwood proportioning valve
    Motul fluid
    949 6UL 15x9 wheels with 1 extra good spare
    225/45/15 Toyo RA1s
    Tein Flex coilovers with 9kg/6kg springs
    949 swaybar kit, hollow front with MSM rear
    949 end links front and rear
    New speedometer cable
    949 stainless brake lines
    Singular 3 brake ducts. Hoses routed to the mouth
    New alignment bolts on all 4 corners
    Sparco front tow strap
    OEM undertray mostly in tact
    Flying Miata butterfly brace
    Blackbird Fabworx rear lexan spoiler
    Singular motorsports hood vents
    Oem front lip
    OEM Hard top

    2015 Sparco sprint seats
    G force 5 point harnesses
    Hard dog hard core double diagonal roll bar with harness bar
    Stack boost gauge
    Aem wideband
    Autometer Oil pressure, oil temp and water temp gauges
    DDM works radio surround gauge panel
    Kenwood stereo
    Kenwood 6.5 upgraded speakers
    Sparco 320mm suede steering wheel
    40mm extension
    NRG quick release
    NRG short hub
    NRG wheel lock
    Wink mirror
    Fire extinguisher with quick release mount
    Additional 12v outlet
    No carpet
    No soft top

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