We're expanding the line of our ever popular adjustable Lexan spoilers with 3 new part numbers, Black edition spoilers for the NC and ND generations of the Miata as well at the Honda S2000.
The ND is still in development stages but should be available shortly, the NC and S2k are available immediately.
The Black edition spoilers take all the awesome functionality of the standard Clear spoilers and adds a little visual spice with tinted Lexan and having the brackets and hinges hard anodized (Mil-spec) in Black.
The price is $330 for the kit, a $50 increase from the standard Clear version to offset the added cost of the tinted Lexan and the anodizing.

The very first NC unit was assembled yesterday and immediately installed onto a customer NC that came in for track prep in the form of our NC RZ roll bar (finished in Blackbird Fabworx Blue) with the cosmetic covers, our NC fire extinguisher kit, a Cobra Evolution seat on a custom lowered mount we made, Schroth 6 point harness and of course - our brand new Black edition spoiler
Here are some pics of the Black edition spoiler along with the other parts we installed, I'll post pics of the S2000 spoiler and the ND as soon as I have some.

The spoiler is a very effective piece of equipment, allowing you to get back on the gas earlier when coming out of corners as well as enjoying improved stability under heavy braking.
The kit is complete with everything you need for installation including high quality Stainless Steel hardware.

Quick adjusters make angle changes on our Black edition spoilers a breeze - simply crack the jam nuts loose and turn the center brace.

This baby is ready to be played with at the track!

The NC RZ roll bar is the widest, tallest bar available for the NC chassis that still allows the normal operation of the soft top, and best of all - it's 100% SCCA and NASA legal!

Better safe than sorry!
Our NC fire extinguisher kit is a direct bolt on and can be installed on either side of the car -